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  1. Charity Notice Accion del sol weekly news
  2. Charity Notice Live Arico Information and news
  3. Charity Fundraiser When and where is the next K9 car boot sale in Tenerife?
  4. Anyone got an update on the dogs at Port Royale in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  5. Health Information wanted on dog flea and worm treatments
  6. Charity Fundraiser Live Arico Charity Shops ' Special offers'
  7. HOME Needed! Telephone number needed for help with stray kitten in Tenerife
  8. Travel Moving dogs from Tenerife to the UK by boat
  9. HOME Needed! Help! Surrogate mum wanted for 3 day old kitten
  10. Did anyone see the young osprey flying over Callao Salvaje in Tenerife?
  11. HOME Needed! Puppies now rehomed in Tenerife
  12. Fleas, Fleas, FLEAS! Las Pulgas in Tenerife
  13. HOME Needed! Yorkie / poodle cross needs a home urgently in south Tenerife.
  14. Vets Has anyone got a mobile Vet phone number in south Tenerife?
  15. Paperwork Can anyone recommend a pet insurance company in Tenerife?
  16. HOME Needed! Another Pomeranian needs a home in Tenerife
  17. Atlantico's number required about a cat
  18. Charity Notice My New Cat Charity.
  19. Charity Fundraiser Live Arico Fun Afternoon, 18th June
  20. Charity Fundraiser A Midsummer Night's Fish and Chip supper
  21. Animal Chat Dogs and cats off to Germany info please.
  22. Dog sitter required urgently in Golf del Sur, Tenerife
  23. I am only trying to help the cats.
  24. Charity Fundraiser Charity shop Sale 18th June at Live Arico benefit day
  25. Animal Chat Please read BEFORE taking on a pet
  26. Does anyone know how to stop male dogs peeing up against furniture?
  27. What's happened to the animal and pets section?
  28. Animal Chat Woody & Viv55
  29. Animal Chat Your first pets in Tenerife
  30. HOME Needed! 2 9 week old Puppies need new homes!
  31. Animal Chat excited dog
  32. Charity Notice Live Arico Featured Dog
  33. HOME Needed! Young little nervous dog looking for a very special person and forever home
  34. Feral Cats in Tenerife
  35. What is the latest information about the Port Royale dogs
  36. HOME Needed! Home needed for Four year Old Dog
  37. Travel The Tenerife Forum 'Bringing pets to Tenerife' thread
  38. Paperwork Registering your dog in Tenerife
  39. Animal Chat Pet shop in Northern Tenerife?
  40. Animal Chat New quarantine laws announced today to the UK.
  41. System Failings in Animal Welfare Protocol.
  42. Live Arico Refuge Visit - Who's Up for It?
  43. Paperwork Am having a nightmare registering my dog with ayuntamiento
  44. Confusion with animal charities.
  45. Where to take your dog in the south
  46. 2 puppies for a good home
  47. Grooming Can anyone recommend a mobile dog groomer in south Tenerife?
  48. Book Sale - K9 - Nancy Spain, Los Cristianos
  49. Can you help this dog?
  50. Food Can you recommend a good quality cat & dog food?
  51. Vets Emergency Vet Contact Details
  52. Food Feeding dog raw meat (BARF) instead of kibble?
  53. Plastic bags wanted for Live Arico shop in Los Cristianos, Tenerife
  54. Please can we have a seperate animal thread
  55. Charity Notice Request from Cats Welfare.
  56. Foster Home needed Until January
  57. HOME Needed! 2 Adorable Kittens need Loving Homes.
  58. Pet WANTED! Chocolate Labrador puppy wanted in Tenerife
  59. Does anyone have contact details for Poochies Pet Hotel in Tenerife?
  60. HOME Needed! Stafordshire bul terrier without pedigree is looking for a good home
  61. HOME Needed! 2 gorgeous kittens need homes in Tenerife
  62. Dog dies after balcony fall in Tenerife
  63. HOME Needed! HELP! Has your cat had kittens recently?
  64. HOME Needed! Bengal Tabby X Female Cat Needs Loving Home
  65. Charity Fundraiser K9 Fundraiser at 'The Office Bar' St Eugenio Alto, Saturday 30th July from 1pm
  66. Take care of your pets in this hot weather
  67. FOUND I have 7 kittens camped in my garden. What can I do?
  68. Charity Fundraiser Armani, French Connection, Jane Norman, Principles etc etc
  69. Charity Notice Help - Black dog and injured cat found on Amarilla Golf, Tenerife.
  70. Charity Fundraiser K9 Fund Raising Event 21st August Costa del Silencio
  71. Is Billy's Dog Kennels still open in Arona, Tenerife?
  72. Vets Does anyone know an English vet in Tenerife?
  73. HOME Needed! Puppies in need of a new home
  74. HOME Needed! Puppies in need of a new home
  75. Travel PLease be aware when shipping animals
  76. HOME Needed! Poodle needs foster parent only for 4 months From 01/09/2011 - 18/12/2011
  77. Charity Fundraiser Clothes Sale at Olivers Bar, Los Cristianos, Tenerife for charity
  78. Animal Chat Funny Dogs Video
  79. FOUND Cat dumped at Madat shelter...
  80. Charity Notice Live Arico Membership / Dog Sponsorship
  81. Charity Fundraiser Clothes Sale at The Polygon, Los Cristianos, on 23rd August 2011
  82. Charity Fundraiser Live Arico Benefit, Tuesday 30th August
  83. HOME Needed! The rescue kitten from Esmeralda Hotel will need a home in 2 weeks.
  84. HOME Needed! Fish need good home
  85. Health Does anyone have any experience with Epilepsy in dogs?
  86. Charity Notice It's worth all the hard work for the Cats.
  87. Animal Chat My westie has brown paws...
  88. Travel We would like advice about bring pets to Tenerife via the Cadiz ferry
  89. Charity Notice MaDaT Donation Drop-Off Point!
  90. HOME Needed! One Dog - Adorable, Loving and Loyal.
  91. HOME Needed! Teckle Sausage Dog looking for a new home!
  92. HOME Needed! Loving home needed for a Rottweiler dog. Can you help?
  93. Travel Does anyone want 2 FREE airline Dog carriers?
  94. HOME Needed! Good home wanted for very sweet little dog
  95. Travel Whats the law on carrying dogs in a car in Tenerife?
  96. LOST Small Black Cat Lost in Chayofa
  97. Travel Travelling with animals
  98. Other Can anyone translate german for me
  99. Health English speaking vet wanted in or around Adeje, Tenerife.
  100. Charity Notice Cats Welfare in Island Connections this week page 44.
  101. Travel Advice needed about driving back to the UK with a dog from Tenerife
  102. Vets Where are the vets in Guaza and Las Galletas, Tenerife?.
  103. LOST: Great Dane dog lost on the Amarilla Golf, Tenerife
  104. Animal Chat Female dog on heat, in need of sterilised male for coupling.
  105. Chayofa puppy found again...
  106. HOME Needed! Homes wanted for beautiful Persian Kittens
  107. Animal Chat Lady caught dumping kittens / Palm mar area
  108. LOST African grey parrot lost in Chimiche, Tenerife
  109. HOME Needed! Pedigree Cocker Spaniel
  110. HOME Needed! Home Wanted for Beautiful Long Haired Calico Cat.
  111. Other A beautiful cat story of kindness, love and fate!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. Travel re; cost of flights for dogs
  113. Animal Chat Baby Squirrells saved
  114. Animal Chat Kitties rehomed! This picture makes it all worthwhile!
  115. Charity Fundraiser Watch the Whales, Help the Dogs
  116. Animal Chat Precious.....The Cat
  117. Charity Fundraiser Gillian Banks Theatre School Concerts for Live Arico
  118. LOST Lost dog in the Playa Paraiso area of south Tenerife
  119. Charity Chat URGENTLY NEEDED. Old leads and collars
  120. HOME Needed! Tyson - The Alsatian
  121. Animal Chat Where can I buy Iguanas in Tenerife?
  122. URGENT: Cat needs a home ASAP!
  123. HOME Needed! Hi I'm Ricky the Yorkie
  124. Travel Advice needed about taking my dog back to the UK
  125. Animal Chat French Bulldog in need of a girlfriend
  126. HOME Needed! Golden Labrador looking for home
  127. Charity Notice Emergency contact for injured or endangered cats
  128. LOST Bengal cat lost in the Icod area of Tenerife
  129. Charity Notice The conduct of charities and their representatives on the Tenerife Forum
  130. HOME Needed! Bella needs a home
  131. Travel Why do airlines charge so much for a dog to travel to the UK from Tenerife?
  132. Other NEWS : 'Help me rescue abandoned Tenerife dogs', says High Wycombe woman
  133. HOME Needed! American Staffordshire terrier.
  134. HOME Needed! Chocolate Wynandotte Cockerel.
  135. Animal Chat Dog Transporter/Crate wanted
  136. FOUND Does anyone recognise this dog?
  137. Vets What is the Spanish word for 'Scooting'
  138. Charity Notice LIve Arico Gift Cards, your solution for the impossible Xmas pressie.
  139. FOUND Grey cockatiel in Las Rosas
  140. Other Looking after birds
  141. Vets The best vet in Tenerife by far
  142. Animal Chat Caring for pets in their home.
  143. LOST Small yorkie lost in San Eugenio
  144. Pet WANTED! German shepherd bitch
  145. Health Liver disease in dogs
  146. Animal Chat Meet Dennis
  147. HOME Needed! Urgent! home needed for chow chow
  148. HOME Needed! German Shepherd puppy
  149. HOME Needed! Can anyone give this lovely young cat a home?
  150. Travel Herbal Sedation for Dogs .......
  151. FOUND Dog/Puppy found by Hole 3 of Amarilla Golf Course
  152. Animal Chat Update on the Esmerelda cats
  153. Pet WANTED! Does anyone know where to buy chickens in Tenerife?
  154. Looking for experienced dog trainer in south Tenerife.
  155. Charity Chat Where can I buy a K9 calendar in Tenerife?
  156. HOME Needed! Kitten found abandoned
  157. Charity Fundraiser Live Arico Bag Packing Again in Iceland.
  158. HOME Needed! Pug Dog needs new home.
  159. Pet WANTED! Pair of African Grey parrots.
  160. Charity Notice Merry Christmas and Thank You x
  161. HOME Needed! Chapsy and Thunder, both desperately need new homes!
  162. FOUND Lost black cat wandering in Torviscas Alto, Tenerife
  163. FOUND URGENT Two puppies wandering near the Harbour Club, Los Gigantes
  164. Travel Possible move to Tenerife with a Pug, please help!
  165. I want to adopt a dog in Tenerife.
  166. FOUND Black Dog with one white paw and white bib on Amarilla Golf, south Tenerife
  167. HOME Needed! Home needed for ginger cat
  168. LOST Cat missing in San Eugenio alto, Tenerife.. Generous reward offered
  169. Other Group training classes in obedience for dogs in Playa San Juan
  170. Animal Chat Bongo - The Chayofa building site dog.
  171. Animal Chat Bailey...
  172. Animal Chat Our Labrador having his jab today for new passport!
  173. HOME Needed! Loving homes needed for 3 beautiful female dogs in Tenerife.
  174. Animal Chat My boxer puppies Buster and Bruno
  175. Animal Chat Does anyone know of any petsitters in Tenerife?
  176. HOME Needed! Cloe the unwanted Christmas puppy
  177. Animal Chat Catching a Mouse
  178. Animal Chat I need recommendations for someone who can look after my dog in Tenerife.
  179. LOST Cat Missing from Las Americas
  180. Pet WANTED! I am looking for a medium to large dog
  181. Other Where can I buy an outdoor dog kennel/house in Tenerife?
  182. Travel Where can I get animal travel boxes in south Tenerife?
  183. Animal Chat Stray kittens spotted at Las Dalias, San Eugenio, Tenerife
  184. Health Can I buy animal antibiotics over the counter in Tenerife?
  185. Charity Fundraiser Puppies and pony club - accion del sol
  186. HOME Needed! Beautiful male cat
  187. Animal Chat Is there a Bull dog breeder in Tenerife?
  188. HOME Needed! Homes needed for two beautiful Cats Aid kitties!
  189. Food Chappie dog food
  190. HOME Needed! Foster Home Needed for Yorkshire Terrier
  191. Animal Chat Where can I get wood cat litter in south Tenerife?
  192. Travel Taking a cat back to the UK from Tenerife
  193. Grooming Dog Grooming Voucher
  194. Other Little dog stolen from Los Cristianos
  195. Animal Chat Are there any Dog Training classes in south Tenerife?
  196. Charity Notice Neutering stray animals
  197. HOME Needed! 6 puppies abandoned in Amarilla Golf
  198. Charity Notice K9 Charity Events to March 2012
  199. Should people be educated how to look after animals in Tenerife?
  200. Animal Chat Is there a German Shepherd breeder in Tenerife?
  201. Animal Chat 8.5 week old dog with rabies found in Holland
  202. HOME Needed! Puppy found in a shopping bag
  203. HOME Needed! 6 lucky black kittens need home s
  204. Charity Chat Stray cat/dog neutering facility raided in Tenerife
  205. HOME Needed! Sixteen puppies and donations for vet bills
  206. LOST Lost Dog
  207. HOME Needed! Home needed for 4 month old pointer puppy
  208. Animal Chat Lovely little story
  209. Animal Chat We want this dog!!!
  210. FOUND Golden Labrador found in Las Chafiras, Tenerife
  211. Pet WANTED! Small Dog Wanted !
  212. Other Pets portraits taken at Monkey Park
  213. Charity Fundraiser Funny Bones, Night of Comedy entertainment in aid of Live Arico at Brewers Droop
  214. Animal Chat Coming out 26th March till 6th April
  215. Paperwork Do you have to physically register a 'dangerous' dog in Tenerife?
  216. Pet WANTED! Rescue Donkey Wanted!
  217. Pet WANTED! French Bulldog pup
  218. Animal Chat Where can I take a dog grooming course in south Tenerife?
  219. Animal Chat Can anyone recommend a dog trainer in Tenerife?
  220. HOME Needed! Can anyone help Tyson
  221. Charity Notice Old foot pump needed for old woman
  222. Dog Friendly Hotels
  223. Other Poem from an Abandoned Dog.
  224. HOME Needed! I need a new home..Teckle Sausage Dog (long hair)
  225. Animal Chat Big Thank You to Pets@home & Cats Welfare.
  226. Charity Notice San Francisco de Los Animales
  227. Other Young female hand tame cockatiel for sale
  228. Animal Chat Surrogate Mum Cat Needed.
  229. HOME Needed! Siamese cat for adoption, now has been spayed!!!
  230. Animal Chat Trying to find Terry in Fanabe
  231. Animal Chat Clever Parrot
  232. Does anyone have a number for a dog catcher in Tenerife?
  233. Animal Chat Tropical Fish keeping
  234. A big thank you to Sharon from Catwelfare
  235. Animal Chat A dogs purpose (from a 6 year old)
  236. HOME Needed! Beautiful Belgian Shepherd
  237. Animal Chat Pets shops/snake wanted
  238. Charity Fundraiser The teide challenge 2012 accion del sol
  239. Animal Chat Rescue has no food
  240. Animal Chat Dedicated to all Animal shelters and people who have rescued a pet!
  241. HOME Needed! Two 5th generation pedigree boxers 11 months old ............
  242. Animal Chat Cat on Boat Plays with Dolphins
  243. HOME Needed! 2 year old doberman needs a home ...urgent!!
  244. HOME Needed! Ella the Siamese cat
  245. Vets Vets in san miguel
  246. HOME Needed! Please does anyone want to adopt a cat?
  247. Other Missing cat
  248. FOUND Small ginger dog found in San Eugenio
  249. Other Question about my puppy?
  250. Animal Chat Kittens near El Barril