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  1. Tips for parents to help children read & write English in Tenerife
  2. State Schools in Tenerife : Addresses, Phone No's, Matriculation, Calendars etc
  3. Tenerife State School Calendar
  4. The Spanish education system explained.
  5. Can anyone recommend a private tutor in Tenerife?
  6. Holiday Fun & Homework Links - Online links to support Tenerife Parents
  7. New group for parents.
  8. Contact details for British schools in Tenerife
  9. Information on getting your children into Spanish state schooling in Tenerife
  10. Does anyone know where Centro De Origen San Miguel C.P is in Tenerife?
  11. ISO chemistry teacher for Segunda Bachillerato
  12. Teachers' Lists and transfers published today for Spanish public school system
  13. I am moving to Tenerife and I need help with choice of schooling.
  14. Information needed on the Little People Nursery in south Tenerife.
  15. Does anyone have any childcare ideas for the summer in Los Abrigos, Tenerife?
  16. Are there any courses my daughter can take in Tenerife?
  17. North American student wishing to come to Tenerife
  18. Advice needed on putting a 6 year old in state school in Tenerife
  19. Adeje Summer School for Youngsters
  20. I need help with Tenerife Flora & Fauna for our Wildlife Project in September
  21. Are there any English further education classes in Tenerife?
  22. When do schools reopen after the summer break in Tenerife?
  23. Can anyone recommend a good nursery for my 16 month old?
  24. What paperwork do we need to present in Arona for the 60 euro help for school books?
  25. Schools in Los Abrigos, Tenerife. Information thread
  26. What date do the kids go back to school in Los Abrigos, Tenerife?
  27. Has anyone else applied for their school book discount in Tenerife?
  28. Nurseries that take children on a casual basis in Tenerife
  29. Where can I get embroidered school name tags in south Tenerife?
  30. Spelling on the internet for adults and children!
  31. What are the pros & cons of the Spanish versus British education systems in Tenerife?
  32. Instituto (senior school) in Guaza closed until futher notice
  33. School Holiday Dates website - useful for planning trips!
  34. UNED - Spain's distance university expects 5,500 students in Tenerife this year.
  35. Education My daughter had success at Sandbrook Education Centre
  36. Other Is there a mother and toddlers group in south Tenerife?
  37. Education Are there any schools in S. Tenerife for blind children?
  38. Education TEFL Course leading to a job?
  39. Education cast net
  40. Education Wingate School, Cabo Blanco, Tenerife.
  41. Learning English – intensive course
  42. Education Barcelona schools district restrict toilet paper
  43. Education Please fill in this questionnaire for my dissertation
  44. children's nursery or day care
  45. Nurseries
  46. Teaching English in Tenerife and Ferries to the islands from Spain
  47. Children's nursery or day care
  48. Advice
  49. Education When does the School Term begin after summer in Tenerife?
  50. Spanish schools
  51. Information needed on CEIP, Parque de la Reina, south Tenerife
  52. Education Guarderia/Nursery needed near La Camella, south Tenerife
  53. Location of state schools
  54. English or state schools
  55. Information needed on school enrolment in Tenerife
  56. Education School Trip : How can I raise 5000€ fast?!
  57. What are the fees at Luther King school in south Tenerife?
  58. Do Spanish schools recognize ADHD in children?
  59. Are there any Summer Schools in south Tenerife?
  60. Permission from Police for school trip?
  61. Is Britannia School still open?
  62. Education Why is it Tenerife's fault things don't work out?
  63. Education Where can I buy school pumps in Tenerife?
  64. Hairdressing models wanted for next week
  65. Education A question about British children going to school in Tenerife
  66. Finding a good state school near El Madronal, Adeje.
  67. Education Names and Locations of childrens nurseries
  68. Education Is the Language School in Los Cristianos still there?
  69. Information needed about funding when returning to the UK for university
  70. Education It looks like you've not posted in a while. We don't bite, and by contributing to a t
  71. Where can I learn sign language in south Tenerife?
  72. What date do the kids in Spanish Schools go back after Summer?
  73. Seeking Spanish tutor in Playa San Juan, Guía de Isora
  74. Other 13 to 16 years old looking for Summer Courses in Tenerife
  75. Education What junior schools are there in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  76. Other Callao Kids Club are looking for a pool table
  77. Other Anyone have any contact details for the orphanage in Granadilla, Tenerife?
  78. Other At what age can children be left alone in the Canaries?
  79. Can anyone recommend a nursery school in south Tenerife?
  80. Other Does anyone know of a guitar teacher in Tenerife?
  81. Is it easy to learn Spanish whilst living in Tenerife?
  82. Education Are there any French expats that want a conversation exchange in Tenerife?
  83. What school should I put my children in when relocating to Tenerife?
  84. Education Does anyone in Tenerife use Adobe Indesign? and if they do can they teach me?
  85. Where can I do a TEFL or CELTA course in Tenerife?
  86. What time and which day does Armenime School, south Tenerife, open for autumn term?
  87. Information needed on after school clubs near Los Olivos school in Adeje
  88. Other Where can I take my 1 year old to play in Tenerife South?
  89. Help required regarding schools in the south of Tenerife
  90. Other Are there any good international schools in south Tenerife?
  91. Education Which school should I choose for my kids in South Tenerife?
  92. Other Are there any families or carers of autistic children that can share advice?
  93. Other Is there a Tumble Tots in south Tenerife?
  94. Education Some schools are off tomorrow (31st October 2012) due to weather conditions
  95. Other Can an unvaccinated 3 year-old go to school in Tenerife?
  96. Education What's the nearest school to San Eugenio in Tenerife?
  97. Education Dia de la Fuga de San Diego
  98. Education What school options are there in the Los Gigantes area?
  99. Education Advice required regarding nursery/preschool in Tenerife
  100. Education Anyone know what date the kids are off school for Carnival this year?
  101. Education What are the good and bad points of Adeje College?
  102. Education Colegio Echeyde - any one know how to get this school to respond to enquiries?
  103. Education What schools are there for 8 and 11 year olds in Costa Adeje?
  104. Education Are there any after school clubs in Los Cristanos?
  105. Education Are there any school holiday clubs through out the summer in the Arona area?
  106. Education All schools closed tomorrow Monday 4 March, 2013
  107. Education My son will do PAU this year. Does anyone have any useful tips?
  108. Education Which learning centre would you recommend for a 2 year old in south Tenerife?
  109. Education How can I help my child with school homework if my Spanish isn't great?
  110. Other Mums and toddlers group in Callao Salvaje on Wednesdays
  111. Education Courses with CEP and Taxi/bus driver
  112. moving with new baby. Are there any baby groups or families to get together?
  113. Education What options are available in Tenerife for special educational needs?
  114. Education Looking for summer activities for 7 year old my daughter
  115. Other Is there an English driving school in Tenerife?
  116. Education What is the name of the school in Los Cristianos?
  117. Education Which are the best schools around Playa San Juan?
  118. Education Spanish tutor wanted
  119. Education Anyone recommend a Secondary School in the San Miguel area?
  120. Education What is the nearest Spanish state school to Las Chafiras?
  121. Other Possibly moving to Puerto de la Cruz with 1 and 4 year old boys. What is there to do?
  122. Education CIEP Los Cristianos - does anyones children go to this school?
  123. Education My daughter has not been accepted for further education. Is this racism?
  124. Celta advice needed
  125. Education Should I send my 4 year old to English or Spanish school in Tenerife?
  126. Education What are the contact details for the Kids summer camp at Camping Nauta?
  127. Education When doews the new term start in CEIP Granadillia de Abona?
  128. Education What are the school hours in Wingate school and Callao Learning Center?
  129. Education State School Term Calendar 2013/2014
  130. Education Does anyone have contact details for the secondary schools in Los Cristianos?
  131. Are the schools open tomorrow, 4th November 2013, in Tenerife?
  132. Education Dance classes for children in the south of Tenerife
  133. Other Does anyone have an email address for Yukka Park, Torviscas?
  134. Education I need help finding a school for my children aged 2 & 6 in South Tenerife
  135. Education Moving to Tenerife after matriculation to pre-school has closed
  136. Education SEN Education
  137. Education Where can I get Finnish lessons in South Tenerife?
  138. Education What is needed to set up a quality children's day nursery in Tenerife?
  139. Education Wanted: Montessori lessons, private teaching
  140. Education Is it a good idea to open a world renowned learning/tutoring program in Tenerife?
  141. Education Which area of Tenerife has the highest concentration of schools?
  142. Education I'm looking for maths and ICT tuition in Tenerife north
  143. Education Can anyone advise if there is a British college in Tenerife?
  144. Bringing up kids in Tenerife. Opportunity/Sheltered or a Good start in life?
  145. Education What are the procedures what a child plays truant in Tenerife?
  146. Education I would like opinions on Colegio Costa Adeje school in Tenerife
  147. Education Has anyone got the contact details for Luther King school?
  148. Education Advice needed about enrollment in school and nursery in August-September 2014
  149. Education Can anyone recommend a guardería or school for 2 & 4 yr-old children in Adeje area?
  150. Other How can I register as a childminder in Tenerife?
  151. Education Wanted Classes en Lengua, Sociales, Naturales. Eso Level - Arona area
  152. Other Summer Camps or Activities for Children
  153. Education Relocating to Tenerife and advice needed about schools
  154. Other Our kids need to socialise. Where can we take them?
  155. Education When do you have to start matriculation for instituto in Tenerife?
  156. Education How do I get foreign qualifications approved in Tenerife?
  157. Education English language school: Advice needed please
  158. Can anyone tell us of colleges near the Golf del Sur?
  159. Education What's the average cost of child seconary education per annum?
  160. Education I have found a great dance school in Adeje town!
  161. Education Where can I get some Spanish lessons for my for kids in Tenerife?
  162. Other Loking for summer camps 2015 in the South
  163. Education Where is the nearest primary school in the Roque de Conde area?
  164. Education ABA therapy
  165. Education British girl needed to play with 2 eight year old girls to improve English
  166. Education Do children need NIE numbers to start school in Tenerife?
  167. Education Native English language Speaker needed
  168. Education UK English graduate/Pgce student
  169. Education Looking for English Teacher for 7 year old - could be native speaker or Spanish
  170. Education Where to live for family of 10 year old going to Wingate
  171. Education Looking for advise on schools for a 5 year old boy
  172. Education Schools near San Miguel for 13 yr old with little Spanish
  173. Education Autism support in Tenerife
  174. Education Intercambio de idiomas / Language exchange
  175. Education Schooling in Tenerife
  176. Education Parent,s responsibilities viz a viz costs of child,s University Fees
  177. Education Anyone have a child(ren) at University here in Spain
  178. Education Geography Gcse tutoring
  179. Education Help with UCAS wbesite concerning finance
  180. Education Details of schools in English wanted
  181. Education Los abrigos and San Miguel school reviews wanted
  182. Education Nanny looking for information about Puerto de la Cruz
  183. Education Contact info for British School in La Orotava
  184. Education Looking for a Native English tutor in La Orotava for 3 year old
  185. Education Tutor
  186. Education English teacher in Tenerife
  187. Education Childcare and after school activities in Tenerife
  188. Education State Schools in Adeje and Arona
  189. Education Autistic child in Tenerife - My experiences so far.
  190. Education Experienced & Qualified Native English Male Au Pair/Manny/TEFL Teacher
  191. Other English childcare and toddler groups