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  1. Businesses are to have Spanish speaking staff in Tenerife
  2. What's the Part Time Minimum Hourly Wage in Tenerife?
  3. Employers and Employees rights in Tenerife?
  4. Paro
  5. How much should I pay a Takeaway Delivery driver in Tenerife?
  6. Looking for any work!
  7. Help! I've been offered a Job in Tenerife and I need to know if it's any good
  8. Are there many singing jobs in Tenerife?
  9. Claiming unemployment benefit in Tenerife
  10. Are you entitled to holiday pay when you leave legal employment in Tenerife?
  11. Having a baby in Tenerife. Advice needed about work.
  12. My former employer won't pay me! What should I do?
  13. Am I allowed time off work for a medical appointment in Tenerife?
  14. Other Modelling in Tenerife
  15. I need a professional CV Producing
  16. Less foreigners paying into the Social security system for the second month
  17. I have just been sacked and need some advice.
  18. Employment Where can I get the Spanish equivalent of a CRB Check in Tenerife?
  19. Employment Cad
  20. Can you be fired after two days of work with 4 months signed contract?
  21. Employment Where are the best places to look for work in Tenerife?
  22. Employment Is the forum working OK
  23. Employment Hang on in there baby - it could only happen in Tenerife
  24. I think that this is somewhat alarmist
  25. Interesting comments in CEST meeting for self employed persons yesterday
  26. Coming back over to Tenerife
  27. How do I get a social security number?
  28. Where can I register myself as available for babysitting in Tenerife?
  29. How can I de-register (baja) as autonomo in Tenerife?
  30. Employment Name Change
  31. Jobs in Tenerife
  32. Which areas of work are more abundant and most likely to find work?
  33. Do you think 5€ an hour is a reasonable wage in Tenerife?
  34. Employment Job description v pay
  35. Employment Santa Cruz and Madrid will exchange Tourist publicity
  36. Working in tenerife for less than 3 months a year then back to uk
  37. What are the chances of finding work in Tenerife at this time of year?
  38. What are my rights on a contracted trial period in Tenerife?
  39. Employment Advice wanted on finding a job in Tenerife
  40. Long working vacation in Tenerife
  41. Are there any Job Centres in Tenerife?
  42. Looking for a long working holiday in Tenerife
  43. Employment Spanish employment reform : will it create new jobs?
  44. What employment opportunities are available in Tenerife?
  45. Employment willsmith12
  46. Employment And people wonder why Spain's Social Security bill is so high...
  47. What are the entitlements for Sabbatical/Leave of Absence/Excedencias in Tenerife?
  48. Employment Anyone recommend a wall paperer in south Tenerife?
  49. Why be negative about employment in Tenerife?
  50. Moving to Tenerife and working there
  51. House sitting wiith prospects of moving to Tenerife
  52. How can my son start modelling in Tenerife?
  53. Employment Spains unemployed
  54. Employment How can I retrieve an NIE number from a few years ago in Tenerife?
  55. I move to Tenerife next week. What are the prospects for getting work as a singer?
  56. Employment How do I find work as a singer in Tenerife?
  57. Employment What is the cost of living and employment like just now in Tenerife?
  58. Advice please
  59. Employment Do people really want to work?
  60. Are you entitled to paro after being self employed in Tenerife?
  61. Employment IGIC exemption for small traders has been abolished
  62. Is there any help available after the paro runs out
  63. Help please in finding a job and accomodation in Playa de las Americas
  64. Employment Clamp down on illegal workers in Tenerife
  65. Other What is the normal cost for Spanish teachers and interpreters in Tenerife?
  66. Science teacher needing information about work opportunities in Tenerife
  67. Wanting to move to Tenerife, help needed with business plan
  68. Employment What areas are best to move to to find work in Tenerife?
  69. Has anyone worked on the markets in the south of Tenerife?
  70. Information needed about the job market in Tenerife
  71. Employment Are there many timeshare or closer sales roles in Tenerife?
  72. On average how much do hairdressers earn in Tenerife?
  73. Employment If you live in Tenerife what job do you have?
  74. Other Are the beach massage people in Las Americas, Tenerife, qualified and legal?
  75. Other Has anyone worked with Playaway in Tenerife?
  76. Employment Native Swedish and Norwegian needed in Puerto de la Cruz
  77. Employment What is the minimum wage in Tenerife?
  78. Where can I get an English CV translated into Spanish in Tenerife?
  79. Employment Does anyone know any piano teachers in North Tenerife?
  80. Employment Tenerife -work situation
  81. Employment What are the chances of getting work in Tenerife?
  82. Employment I just helped a new diver in Tenerife land his first oil related job.
  83. Employment What's the best way to look for full time work in Tenerife?
  84. How can I get my previous work history from Tenerife?
  85. Employment Looking for work
  86. Employment Where can I find some volunteer work in South Tenerife?
  87. Employment How bad, financially, is Tenerife for living?
  88. I think I've got a job (in a way)
  89. Employment Is it legal to advertise for work before registering?
  90. Employment What are the unemployment benefit rights in Tenerife?
  91. Employment Looking for work! How can I contact employers before I travel?
  92. Employment Employer wont pay my nomina. What should I do?
  93. Employment Looking for a contact for the Star Bar in Torviscas
  94. Employment Are there any English dental nurses working in Tenerife?
  95. Employment Looking for work as a geomembrane lining/pool lining specialist
  96. Will I be able to find a job as a school caterer in Tenerife?
  97. Employment Is there a possiblity to find work being a student?
  98. Employment How do you sign off being self employed in Tenerife?
  99. Employment Where is the best place to advertise for domestic staff in Tenerife?
  100. Employment Are ther any English Language teaching opportunities in Tenerife?
  101. Employment I'm looking for employment or recruitment agencies in Tenerife
  102. Employment Am I entitled to paro?
  103. Employment How much do PRs earn in Tenerife?
  104. Employment Advice wanted on the best way to find employment in Tenerife.
  105. Employment How do I get employment in a hospital in Tenerife?
  106. Is there any work in Tenerife for a good English multi-tradesman?
  107. Employment Advice wanted on working in the Tourism Sector e.g. Thomas Cook.
  108. Employment What is Telesales/Call Centre work like in south Tenerife?
  109. Employment No more "walk-ins" at the Guia de Isora Unemployment office
  110. Employment Bumper wine harvest helps unemployment
  111. Employment Illegal workers in 3 out Of 10 bars and restaurants in the South
  112. Employment Job creation incentives for employers end September 30th 2013
  113. Employment What documentation do we need to take part time jobs in Tenerife?
  114. Employment Illegal workers can report work-related fraud anonymously online
  115. Employment Oil rig work in Santa Cruz. Is there anyone out there who is working on the oil rig.
  116. Employment Who is the employment lawyer in Los Cristianos?
  117. Employment What are my employment rights if the bar I work for closes?
  118. Other Caricature artist looking for opportunities in Tenerife
  119. Employment Casting for a TV advert in Las Americas
  120. Employment I'm looking for a job in Tenerife
  121. Employment Work?
  122. Other Accomodation/employment wanted in Playa de las Americas
  123. Employment Looking for jobs with not great Spanish
  124. Employment Searching for the employment
  125. Employment Will there be any jobs in Tenerife in September?
  126. Employment Working in the private security industry in Tenerife
  127. Employment How much can a musician & entertainer expect to earn in Tenerife?
  128. Employment Are there higher taxes in Tenerife for newly moved people?
  129. Employment Where can I find work playing traditional Spanish guitar in Tenerife?
  130. Employment I am looking for suitable work in Tenerife
  131. Employment Can I get work in the field of SEN education in Tenerife?
  132. Employment Are there any Market Stalls available at Fañabe or Torviscas?
  133. Employment Hair Dresser wanted
  134. Can I get entertainment work in Tenerife?
  135. Employment We are moving to Tenerife. What paperwork do I need to get a job?
  136. Employment Job wanted in Tenerife
  137. Employment Chef/Bar couple looking for work in Sept 2014
  138. Employment Looking for a part - time job (during 3 months) in Tenerife
  139. Employment What legal obstacles are there for a UK qualified chef in Tenerife?
  140. Employment I am looking for full time work in a maintenance role
  141. Employment Information needed about using the unemployment service in Tenerife
  142. Employment Husband Wife Team Karaoke Hosts looking for Entertainment Vacancy
  143. Other Accomodation in return for work anyone? Odd jobs, painting etc.
  144. Employment Looking for work in Tenerife South
  145. Employment Advice wanted about employment possibilities if I move to Tenerife
  146. Employment Would my UK diploma be accepted for job applications in Tenerife?
  147. Employment Healthcare Jobs in Tenerife
  148. Employment Is there much call for electro plating in Tenerife?
  149. Employment Does anyone have knowledge of the minimum wage rates in Tenerife?
  150. Other How do I claim 'paro' in Tenerife?
  151. Employment MTB road tour guide
  152. Employment Skipper, 1st officer, deckhand for any sea related job
  153. Employment Staff wanted for a selling point in Las Americas
  154. Employment Looking for full time work tenerife south
  155. Employment Looking for full time work will will work any hours.
  156. Employment What is the situation with employment in Tenerife from November to May?
  157. Employment Fibre optic cabler/Traffic management operative positions
  158. Employment I'm looking for waitress or bar work from March 2015
  159. Employment Casting Call for children: TV Commercial
  160. Employment Teaching position in El Medano
  161. Other Erasmus + internship in Puerto de la Cruz
  162. Employment Advice please
  163. Other Need job!
  164. Employment Nie
  165. Employment Looking for work in Tenerife
  166. Employment Chef/cook available from April 2015
  167. Employment Suncare Supervisor
  168. Employment Employment attitudes in Tenerife
  169. Employment Chef arriving on 16th March 2015 looking for employment
  170. Employment Dream Place Hotels or GF Hotels - which place is better for work?
  171. Employment Experienced multilingual all rounder looking for work from April 2015
  172. Employment Looking for seasonal/temporary work in Tenerife
  173. Employment job enquiry
  174. Employment Summer job wanted for experienced waitress/bar worker
  175. Employment Permanent full time job wanted in Tenerife in August 2015
  176. Employment 24th MAY 2015
  177. Employment looking for employment in Tenerife
  178. Employment General maintenance part time
  179. Employment The current Entertainment scene?
  180. Employment silverpoint, infromation on this company please
  181. Employment Bar Maid
  182. Employment Looking for a job in Tenerife South
  183. Employment reception work
  184. Employment Bodyshop vehicle repairers in Tenerife South
  185. Employment Mature Couple looking for work and accommodation
  186. Employment Holiday entitlement on a 10 hour week in Tenerife
  187. Employment Kitchen work at tenerife (Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos)
  188. Employment Employment adverts
  189. Employment Moving to Tenerife....
  190. Employment part time work 20-30 hours
  191. Employment Job Wanted anything for experience.
  192. Employment Looking for a job
  193. Employment Are there any night porter jobs in Tenerife?
  194. Employment Restaurant managing Los Christianos or Americas
  195. Employment Looking for a job in Tenerife experienced bar manager
  196. Employment Chef job
  197. Employment Hire Me
  198. Employment Work wanted.
  199. Employment Looking for a cook's job.
  200. Employment Help Being a Singer in Tenerife
  201. Other how to become a resident
  202. Employment Looking for work in Los Cristianos
  203. Employment Paying NI contributions in the UK and Seguridad Social in Spain
  204. Employment Job wanted in arona
  205. Employment Help!!!
  206. looking for work
  207. Employment gardener required
  208. Employment Is a cover letter necessary when applying for a part time job in Tenerife?
  209. Employment Looking for Work in Tenerife
  210. Employment Personal trainer looking for work
  211. Employment Looking for job
  212. Employment no wonder spain is in a mess. A man didn't go to work for 6 years and no one noticed!
  213. Employment Looking for bar work
  214. Employment Experienced chef looking for work
  215. Employment best places to start on tenerife as an esl teacher
  216. Employment looking for pool cleaning window and house cleaning jobs.painting work as well
  217. Employment Looking for any bar work or Live Event work in Tenerife South
  218. Employment Looking for bar/shop/restaurant work
  219. Spain - a great place to live but a terrible place to work!
  220. Employment We are interested in working in Tenerife for a season.
  221. Employment Excellent opportunity to qualify as a subtitler & earn extra money working from home!
  222. Employment Food & Bev Ops Mgr seeks job for relocation to tenerife
  223. Other Not to be missed! 48 hours to respond!
  224. Employment Working beyond retirement age
  225. Employment Looking for IT work
  226. Employment Volunteer works in Tenerife
  227. Employment Teaching assistants/ Teachers agencies
  228. Other Relocating
  229. Employment Couple looking for work
  230. Employment Reliable hard working great customer service male looking for work
  231. Employment Looking for a Native English tutor in La Orotava for 3 year old
  232. Employment Translation/ Interpretation /researcher offered (Dutch, English, French and Spanish)
  233. Employment Looking for job on Yacht or Powerboat
  234. Employment Are you looking for a good cleaner?
  235. Employment Couple seeking employment - Hopefully with accommodation.
  236. Employment Experienced hospitality couple looking for employment
  237. Employment german/english speaking girl looking for work near las americas/san eugenio
  238. Employment MichaelCoo
  239. Employment Experiened Singer/songwriter looking for work in Tenerife.
  240. Employment Looking for employment
  241. Employment Technical Engineer > Telecommunications > Electricity > Maintenance job wanted
  242. Employment changed work position
  243. Employment 30 YO British Singer Teddy Quick Looking for an Agent/work on the island...
  244. Employment Self Employed - Sales Rep
  245. Employment Car mechanic English
  246. Employment Piano Teacher familiar with ABRSM exams
  247. Employment Dodgy Companys ( First Pension Group Ltd )
  248. Employment Employment in Costa Adeje, Tenerife
  249. Employment Diving Instructor / Divemaster
  250. Employment wanted plastering work in tenerife