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  1. Finance What's the current exchange rate in Tenerife?
  2. Where can I get the best exchange rate to convert euros to GBP?
  3. Where is Caja Madrid in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  4. Anyone recommend a British accountant in south Tenerife?
  5. Can I get a Pre-paid credit card in Tenerife?
  6. Where is the best place to apply for a Credit card in Tenerife?
  7. Where can I exchange largish amounts of currency in south Tenerife?
  8. Tax What is the tax rate on selling property in Tenerife?
  9. Other Where can I insure personal items in Tenerife?
  10. How much money will I need to have comfortable standard of living in Tenerife?
  11. Tax Savings and Dividend Tax
  12. Is there a company in Tenerife that can unlock frozen UK pensions?
  13. Getting a Spanish pension
  14. Has anyone opened a children's savings account in Tenerife?
  15. Tax and the 6 month rule.
  16. Are there any tax advisors near the football stadium in Adeje?
  17. Is there a knack to getting the plastic coin holders to fasten?
  18. The euro and exchange rates in the UK or Tenerife
  19. Tax Vehicle IVA - What is the percentage for a new vehicle in Tenerife?
  20. What is the SWIFT / BIC Code for Banco Santander in Los Cristianos?
  21. How can I go about getting a bank account in the UK from Tenerife?
  22. Banco Santander in Golf del Sur
  23. Looking for a suitable bank account in Tenerife to make free transfers from the UK
  24. Im being Harrassed by Citi Bank - advice needed please
  25. Where is the best place to change Euros to Pounds in Tenerife?
  26. Tenerife Life Insurance 2 months cancelation
  27. Is there any way of avoiding Bank Charges in Tenerife?
  28. Other A question about paypal.es
  29. Is inheritance tax in Spain set to change?
  30. Finance Help with Life Insurance and Mortgage Issue
  31. What will happen if Tenerife leaves Europe and goes back to the Peseta?
  32. Higher taxes on their way for Spain
  33. Banca March - fees and charges?
  34. Tax Special Measures published 30 December 2011 applicable from 1 Jan 2012
  35. Tax New system for filing non-resident tax form 210 electronically?
  36. Has anyone got a bank account with Lloyds in Tenerife?
  37. Is the cost of living in Tenerife similar to that in the UK?
  38. Finance what exactly is 'consumo tributos' - consumption tax ?
  39. Finance Another possible scam, 50€ notes and the Lebanese Bank
  40. Finance Has anyone else had priblems with Banco Santander in Los Cristianos?
  41. Watch out!!
  42. Tax Any advice on filling in the non residency tax form please..
  43. Basic living costs
  44. Finance What are the charges and costs for transferring money from UK into my Spanish bank?
  45. Other Fake 500 euro cheques in town again!
  46. Anyone recommend a bank in south Tenerife?
  47. Tax Are there a lot of rules & red tape involved in owning a boat in Tenerife??
  48. Finance Does BBVA bank open on Saturday mornings in Tenerife?
  49. Finance Can anyone recommend Smart Currency Exchange?
  50. Other Now it's fake $1,000 cheques
  51. Other Are all the banks in Tenerife closed for the Easter holidays?
  52. Tax Get your borrador online from today and complete you tax return in Tenerife
  53. Finance What are UK Pensioners resident in Spain entitled to?
  54. Moving to Tenerife in 5 or 6 years
  55. Finance Better keep an eye on your neighbours...
  56. The Spanish Economy
  57. Finance Removing a name from a joint bank account in Tenerife
  58. Has anyone managed to get out of their Eze Group contract?
  59. IGIC and fuel prices to increase
  60. Tax Has anyone had experience with a company called Continental Wealth Management?
  61. Other Can you remember the name of the Youtube clip about the paperwork in Tenerife?
  62. Finance Is it possible to arrange Power of Attorney in Tenerife online from UK
  63. Health insurance, tax, everything else
  64. Finance Another worry for Spain?
  65. Finance Euro Crisis Looking For Safe Bank In Tenerife
  66. Tax Tax advice needed in Tenerife
  67. Finance Why have I got an embargo on my bank account?
  68. Finance Words not necessary!
  69. Finance Has Tenerife turned into a sad place to live?
  70. What paperwork do I need for a car loan in Tenerife?
  71. Mortgage payments/ interest rates
  72. How do I open a non-residents bank account in Tenerife?
  73. Finance IGIC Going up this weekend!
  74. Finance Does Barclays in UK have any connection with Barclays in Tenerife
  75. Other Extreme Sport Bailout Tax Will Be Passed To Deceased’s Relatives
  76. Finance Has anyone used Smart Currency Exchange?
  77. Taxation info needed
  78. Money transfers from the UK to Tenerife
  79. Tax Help needed with organising minimum social security payments for low hours per week
  80. Finance Spanish VAT increased on the mainland from 18% to 21%
  81. Where is best place to change US Dollars
  82. Other Fake notes - Can you spot them?
  83. Finance How high can the Euro v the Pound go...?
  84. Other Can I use Euro travellers cheques to pay for our apartment on arrival in Tenerife?
  85. Tax Tax on services. Pay it or save it? A poll.
  86. Other Does anyone have a number for the Oasis Money Exchange in Los Cristianos?
  87. Finance Spain's borrowing interest rate passes 7%
  88. Where can I get a large amount of Euros urgently?
  89. Finance Benidoom! Once a fave with Brits, now it’s on its knees
  90. Finance What is the Email address for Caja Canarias?
  91. How long do you need to keep financial paperwork for tax purposes in Tenerife?
  92. How easy is it to use €100 notes in Tenerife?
  93. Other Where's the best place to change Euros to Pounds in south Tenerife?
  94. Are there any banks in Tenerife where we can get an 80% loan or mortgage?
  95. Other Where should we exchange pounds to euros for our holiday in Tenerife?
  96. UK private pension payments to Tenerife
  97. Tax Moving to Tenerife South, Help setting up a business, accomodation etc
  98. Finance My car insurance with Linea Directa has been paid by Caja Canarias and also by card
  99. What are the charges for Banca March accounts?
  100. Other Where's the best place to sell gold and diamonds in south Tenerife?
  101. Translator with a passion for buying new cars required!
  102. Recommendations needed for a Tenerife bank that can provide me with the following...
  103. Tax How serious is this letter from Agencia Tributaria about non-residence tax?
  104. Tax Do we have to pay ITP property tax when purchasing in Tenerife?
  105. Finance Have you been scammed on Tenerife? We have... They took our savings!
  106. Can anyone recommend a person/company to give advice on tax and pensions in Tenerife?
  107. Tax Modelo 210 - Imputed Income Tax Return
  108. Finance Debt crisis: Spanish budget discussion thread
  109. Finance Can you get American dollars anywhere in Tenerife
  110. Why do bank charges vary so much in different machines in Tenerife?
  111. What's the best way to transfer sterling to euros in Tenerife?
  112. Can any one recommend a good bank in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?
  113. Can anyone recommend banks in Tenerife with reasonable charges?
  114. What is the IBI on the rateable values for San Miguel de Abona?
  115. What are bank charges normally like for transferring money for property purchases?
  116. Should my friend inform the bank that her spouse has died?
  117. Can Santander UK customers use Tenerife services?
  118. What's the limit for paying cash into a bank at any one time in Tenerife?
  119. Cash transactions - are you aware it's illegal for a transaction to exceed 2500€?
  120. Has anybody used a currency exchange service when buying a property in Tenerife?
  121. BBVA banks to charge comissions after December 15th
  122. Finance What is the difference in the Euirbor rate?
  123. Finance How do you set up a basic bank account in Tenerife?
  124. Where is Banca March in Los Cristianos?
  125. Tax Who's paying their annual fiscal obligation in Tenerife?
  126. Tax Has the Canarian government imposed 7% IGIC on rental income now?
  127. What are the charges for depositing a pounds sterling cheque into a bank in Tenerife?
  128. Tax New asset reporting obligation in Spain
  129. Should I get a non-resident or resident bank account to buy a property in Tenerife?
  130. Finance Is there an HSBC or Halifax branch anywhere in Tenefife?
  131. First time buyer in Tenerife. Help needed with mortgages and money exchange.
  132. Other Which bank has the lowest charges in Tenerife?
  133. I need a lawyer for a new purchase in Tenerife
  134. Post from Town Hall
  135. Information needed about bank charges on non-resident accounts in Tenerife
  136. Information about bank overdrafts needed in Tenerife
  137. Tax How many members avoid pay Income Tax on their properties in Tenerife?
  138. Trying to find an IBAN number for my branch of Caja Canarias
  139. Tax Tax declaration for Spanish residents
  140. Finance Spain tells British expats to declare overseas assets
  141. Tax Can anyone recommend someone to do our asset declaration for Spain?
  142. Link to advice on the Modelo 720 asset declaration
  143. Opening foreign bank account from Tenerife in another currency
  144. How do I make IBI and Rubbish tax payments in Tenerife?
  145. Euros are NOT all the same.
  146. Other Commission rip offs at ATM machines
  147. Finance Is £1,500 enough spending money for a 2 week holiday at an all-inclusive hotel?
  148. Other Anyone else have a bank account Bankia?
  149. A new, more secure bank opens in Spain. Best move all your money here...!
  150. Finance What is the future of the Euro?
  151. Finance Can anyone recommend a will writing service in south Tenerife?
  152. Where can I get the 7% IGIC tax form done for my rental property?
  153. Finance Does any Tenerife forum member know if Barclays are on strike and for how long?
  154. I have reached age-related pension age
  155. Finance Will a bad credit rating in the UK affect me in Tenerife?
  156. Tax Is non-letting tax still applied to non-resident-owned properties?
  157. Tax on long term rented property
  158. Other An Irish man who was pickpocketed needs help cancelling cards
  159. Finance What value do I use to work out tax for my modelo 210?
  160. Finance Looking for a UK tax advisor in south Tenerife
  161. Is this a good exchange rate?
  162. Lloyds TSB International Bank to be taken over by Solbank
  163. Finance I want to change my insurance for our apartment but I'm having problems with the bank
  164. Finance Changing life insurance. What are my options?
  165. Tax Deduction of VAT from goods sent from the UK
  166. Tax Do I need to do a de la renta?
  167. Tax Do I have to pay CGT in Tenerife?
  168. Finance Can you get money earned here paid in to a UK bank account?
  169. Tax When are you liable for non residents tax?
  170. Other What's the contact number for La Caixa Bank (was Caja Canarias) in Los Cristianos?
  171. What paperwork is needed to open a bank account in Tenerife?
  172. Where can I get Swiss francs at short notice?
  173. Giving our property to the children , also a good solicitor
  174. Tax Do the UK winter fuel payments apply to anyone on the Tenerife Forum?
  175. What action do I need to take now my mortgage is paid off?
  176. Finance Can anyone recommend a financial advisor in Tenerife?
  177. Finance Where are the best place to exchange cash in Tenerife?
  178. Santander San Eugenio
  179. Other Where can I buy travel insurance as a Tenerife resident?
  180. I need some advice about utility bills in Tenerife
  181. Where can I exchange Euros to Pounds in south Tenerife?
  182. Finance Have any members invested in a company called AGP?
  183. Which is a good bank to be with in Tenerife?
  184. Tax advice needed regarding my pension from the UK in Tenerife
  185. How do banks in Tenerife calculate Mortgage eligibility?
  186. Other You can get better prices by not using the 'We Buy Your Gold' shops in Tenerife
  187. Confused about taxation of pensions if we are resident in Tenerife
  188. Does anyone bank with Bankia in Tenerife?
  189. Will I be charged for cashing a cheque as a non customer in Tenerife?
  190. Has anyone got a number for the tax office in Madrid?
  191. Age UK holiday travel insurance is good for older people
  192. Finance Where's the best place the change money? The UK or Tenerife?
  193. Tax Do I have to pay non-resident's tax if my name is on the deeds of an apartment?
  194. Tax Do I have to declare the rental income on my apartment to the UK?
  195. Finance They'd like to take the shirt off your back
  196. Finance Does anyone else use Barclays Bank SL?
  197. What is the BIC/SWIFT code for Santander Bank, Callao Salvaje?
  198. Has anyone used Western Union to transfer money from the UK to Spain?
  199. Finance Solbank/Sabadel share offer
  200. Tax Questions about tax liability on Tenerife property after relocating to the UK
  201. Finance La Caixa opening hours
  202. Spanish Credit Card for UK resident?
  203. Cheaper ways of changing pounds to euros
  204. Do I have to pay tax on a UK pension in Spain?
  205. It’s true! We’re out of recession
  206. How can we close our Santander bank account now we are not in Tenerife?
  207. Finance What's the best way of transferring funds from the UK to use in Tenerife?
  208. Where can I buy American Express travellers cheques in Tenerife?
  209. Insurance for long term stay in Tenerife
  210. Tax Help needed setting up my IBI payments through Banca March Online
  211. Which is the best method of transfer for euros to sterling?
  212. Tax Can I pay my non-residents tax in any Bank?
  213. Banker's drafts not given to non-residents
  214. Finance Bank charges
  215. What is the truth behind the black economy in Tenerife?
  216. Finance What is the best bank to use in Tenerife?
  217. Finance How are UK dividends taxed in Spain?
  218. Tax The bank has blocked my account due to residency status
  219. IMF proposing 10% super-tax bail-in on all Eurozone savings
  220. Other Bank repossession offer in mainland Spain
  221. What paperwork needed to open a Spanish bank account?
  222. Finance Pensions
  223. Uk pension late payments
  224. Other What do I need to do regarding taxes in Tenerife with my property back in UK?
  225. Finance Can anyone explain about inheritance tax in Tenerife?
  226. Other What is the full postal address for Santander Bank in Los Cristianos?
  227. I need some quotes for house and life insurance in Tenerife
  228. Should I keep my Tenerife bank account open or not?
  229. What does SEPA mean for a direct debit? Can anyone help identify this?
  230. What's the best way for minimising bank costs for large transfers to the UK?
  231. Facing Repossession - can anyone recommend a good lawyer in Tenerife?
  232. Other Check you funeral plan details are correct and current
  233. Can I open a Spanish bank account while still in the UK?
  234. Tax What taxes must be paid upon buying/selling property in Tenerife?
  235. Can I use my UK Santander card in Tenerife with no charge?
  236. Lloyds Bank / Banco Sabadell and ServiRed ATMs in Callao Salvaje?
  237. Reaction to Imheratage Monies Coming here?
  238. Effects of EU sanctions on Russia
  239. How is water billed on a residential property in Tenerife?
  240. Other Where can I get house insurance in south Tenerife?
  241. Is Barclays Bank closing down in all of Spain?
  242. Tax Where do I need to pay taxes if I retire to Tenerife... the UK or Tenerife?
  243. Tax Does anyone know what the penalties are for making an incorrect tax declaration?
  244. Tax Tax payable on UK pension in Spain
  245. Other Declare savings in UK when living in Tenerife
  246. Finance Is Tenerife struggling financially?
  247. Other What do I need to open a Spanish bank account?
  248. Are there any Santander ATMs in or near the Golf del Sur?
  249. Tax How do I deal with an embargo on a bank account?
  250. Finance Which is the best way to send funds to the UK from Tenerife?