View Full Version : [VIDEO] A special thank you to DJ Dangerous for the use of his car last week

Vortex Wake
14-10-2011, 11:39
A big big B I G THANK YOU to Tenerife Forum member DJ Dangerous for the use of one of his cars on my week in Tenerife.


DJD is always generous in his time with people (and cats) - a perfect host :) . It was with pleasure (and a little apprehension as I haven't driven on Spanish roads since I last visited Lanzarote), that I took 'ownership' for the week of 'Sara' Honda V Tec (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/saravtec).


Sara purrs at the traffic lights, and on full throttle green is music to the EARS! People look up - kids wave at 'us' :)


I made it up into the hills on a few occasions including a visit to the foot of mount Teide to watch the stars - no people, no cars, no dodgy pub singers - pure bliss!!!!!


I took my supper (an Iceland baked spud, an egg sandwich and a nice cuppa tea - I don't do 'posh' ) up to the Vilaflor viewpoint on one occasion and it was magical. The road up to Vilaflor is a great drive in the setting sun - windows down, Spanish radio turned up , up, up!

On the way down I did an evening cruise around Las Americas to the Los Cristianos border - actually I did this a number of time. It felt cool as you stopped at the pedestrian crossings and the 'chicks' admired Sara and me :ashamed:

I also did the Guia de Isora run back to Adeje and onto the TF1 (ok, so I made a c@ck-up at the end - can you spot , can you spot it :D) . That's meant to say c0ck up - I didn't 'cack myself - I save that for driving on the left ;)


I was well catered for in the music specs of Sara - a Parrot 9100 for Bluetooth (including stereo music from the phone) or a USB input for my iPod touch via the car hifi :). Unfortunately my iPod tended to get stuck on a 'purchased play list of 3 tracks' - Mary Jess 'Sunrise' , Bellissima (radio edit), or 'Someone' Oakenfold Anthems.


Although, I have to say the Spanish stations provide a good mix of music with the added benefit of real Spanish dialogue.


I recorded most of my in car videos on my Samsung Galaxy phone (set to NON HD mode). The HD night shots are via my waterproof Panasonic Lumix.
I actually recorded so much, and saved it to my Laptop I had a Paloma Beach, that I am having trouble reviewing it all (Spanish radio sometimes has rude language in music ;) ).

More videos to come here (http://www.youtube.com/user/iLuvTenerife)

Again, a special thank you to DJD - a parcel is on its way to Tenerife :) :)

I am probably someone who can seem ungrateful for other generosity, this is due to always being amazed by other kindness - and not feeling I can reciprocate fully in return .


Coming next, the 'I have had the best holiday in Tenerife ever' thread

14-10-2011, 14:28
Did you drop it off at the scrapyard for him when you had finished with it?? :crylaughing:

14-10-2011, 16:11
That's a bit harsh CIM. Those VTEC Hondas are impressively quick cars!!!! :)

14-10-2011, 19:08
That was a very enjoyable post VW, and well done DJD!

14-10-2011, 20:10
Thanks very much V.W.
Nice to have a Video available of a Journey between L.A. and Cris
I have made many many times..

14-10-2011, 20:17
great video's VW. You must be a special friend of DJD for him to let you drive Sara.

DJ Dangerous
27-01-2012, 19:19
Wow, how the time hath flown - it will soon be time for another such expose!!!

P.S.: Parcel was well received, and much appreciated... :)

Vortex Wake
27-01-2012, 20:18
What did I send ? Its last year ! lol

DJ Dangerous
27-01-2012, 20:39
Lock nuts. Lots and lots of lock nuts!

27-01-2012, 21:15
I really enjoyed all that Vortex! Yes, driving Sara was a special honour I think. So many familiar journeys and it was great to revisit via your film. On Wednesday it was so clear that you could see the cliffs and rocks of Gran Canaria and La Gomera, the whole outline of La Palma and even a part of El Hierro peeping out beyond La Gomera. Usually they are shrouded in mist and are invisible so a real thrill to see them so clearly.