View Full Version : Health, Beauty and Nutrition Xtreme Gym, Las Chafiras, Tenerife

26-10-2011, 23:48
This place only opened a couple of weeks ago and is doing great. Its behind First Impressions in Las Chafiras and its a gym with a difference. Why? Its got it all. Where to start? Well, with the gym part I guess, all new shiny equipment and plenty of it. Then there is a huge martial arts mat where you can sign up to, well martial arts of course, and this Krav Mgar thing (may have spelled that wrong) which is what they train you for in the Isreali Special Forces (not for the light hearted I can tell you). Next along the line is a cage for cage fighting, then a boxing ring. Trainers are on hand to coach and advise. They are going to hold boxing / cage fighting and martial arts events and competitions.
Lastly there is a dance studio with poles for polercise, and zumba, step, spinning and other aerobic activities go on in there. Oh, that wasnt lastly as there is a bar upstairs and lots of dartboards.
You can see massive investment has gone into the place and the owners are very amable and helpful. Basically they will try and get what you need / want and they deserve to do well.
Alfie is doing the kids kick boxing classes and he loves it, its fabulous exercise. And at 5 for the hour not bad price wise.
The membership is 38 per month for the basic gym and for that several aerobics classes are included. However, I have negotiated a 3 discount for Live Arico members, another reason to join us ;)

Think thats it. best thing is to go and have a look, they are very friendly and will show you round. Im training for the half marathon next April so youll see me pounding the treadmill most days, lol :)

26-10-2011, 23:54
Facebook group here if anyone wants more info! ;)