View Full Version : SOLD Bar and Restaurant Business for sale.. with very low rent! MASSIVE REDUCTION IN PRICE

San Miguel
05-11-2011, 13:58
45k will NOW give you the keys ! This is less than 50% of the original asking price !! And includes a 10k returnable deposit to the landlord so you are actually only paying 35k.
In perfect state throughout and definitely a going concern but I no longer have the legs for it and have got other needs elsewhere ( hubby has retired and we need to enjoy life more nowadays). Rent only 1100 euros a month inclusive , which is one of the lowest rents I have seen.
Good staff would love to stay and work with the new owners if required.

In the meantime it is business as usual in this spotless bar and restaurant on the Golf del Sur. Rear terrace tables have just been upgraded to cope with restaurant overflow.
( One of our chefs is emigrating at the end of this month and this has encouraged us to make this decision to drop the price and sell now rather than carry on trying to sell at full price and risk me ending up back in the kitchen again until someone new is retrained and competent ) So grab yourself a bargain !

If you see it your eyes will pop out!

PM me for more details

I will sell to the first person with the money !