View Full Version : 2 and 3 seater leather sofa free to a good home

jack and gill
30-11-2011, 20:56
I have 2 and 3 seater blue leather sofas , these are ideal for someone who is starting out in a new home, i just need to have them removed asap to make way for my new sofas

30-11-2011, 21:52
Do you have photos?

01-12-2011, 00:25
Where are you and are they in reasonable condition? couldnt pm cos not working. Regards
Please try and pm me lol

01-12-2011, 00:33
As a person in the know i am sure Jill wont mind me saying these may not be available for a little while longer due to unforseen circumstances.

I am sure she will update this thread tomorrow to everyone who is interested. :)

jack and gill
03-12-2011, 01:06
Sorry the sofas has gone they were well worn andy too them away for me l did not thin any one would want them