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05-09-2011, 20:57
We are starting a new security camera supply only or supply and install CCTV camera systems here in Tenerife. These systems are connectable to the internet so you can view your premises online or via Iphone. We can supply 4 night/day internal and external cameras cabling and 500GB DVR for 495 euros or supply and fit including survey all drilling etc and cable runs in white plastic conduit fixing of cameras and connection for 695 euros less 10% discount for all forum members. For more info PM me.
Lead in time normally 14 days although we will try to cut this down once we have gauged the demand for these systems

05-09-2011, 21:20
good luck from me.hope you do well ste

05-09-2011, 21:32
Bugger! I saw your username & thought you were opening a lapdance club. :ashamed::ashamed:

05-09-2011, 21:58
ha ha i already have one of those in veronicas

Added after 2 minutes:

thanks tony so do i would love to have steady honest work on the island but you know what its like its so difficult to trade here on the reef . I think its something that could work

05-09-2011, 22:19
That sounds a very keen price - good luck with your venture :)

05-09-2011, 22:51
Best of luck with it - sounds like a good product! Prices also sound very reasonable.

05-12-2011, 19:40
Tenerife CCTV are now installing CCTV systems for as little as 15 euros a week.*
So if you think your bar, shop or restaurant is losing more than 15 euros a week while your not there give us a call on 672902608 or try our facebook link for more detail www.facebook.com/tenerifecctv

* 2 cameras a 250GB DVR recorder fully connectable to the internet for viewing from home.