View Full Version : Retail Sevices Childrens' Boutique - 'Blu' Now Open in The Plaza, El Duque

06-04-2012, 19:12
My friends have just opened up on the upper floor in The Plaza (where the restaurants used to be). If you buy quality childrens clothes for your kids (I mean real top quality but at affordable residents prices) then you must go in at least once to see what they have.

These clothes have been sourced from around Europe and BLU has obtained several EXCLUSIVE deals for top kids brands that are only available in their store. Did I mention residents prices and not over inflated prices that you often get in the boutiques at The Plaza.

Anyway, please support some ambitious Brits who have put loads of effort into this new venture by at least dropping in if you are in the area. Because they are selling EXCLUSIVE brands at residents prices, I think they will do really well once the word gets out.

The Plaza is doing some remodeling and there are a few other places opening up on the upper floor as well. New escalators are being installed at the moment but the lifts do go to floor 1.

Please lend your support and spread the word.

06-04-2012, 22:18
Good luck to them :)

07-04-2012, 10:42
how much is residents prices?

07-04-2012, 12:57
how much is residents prices?

Residents prices are the prices that everyday residents like you and me can afford to pay and not like the prices that say Gazzalionaire Russians are paying for stuff down at The Plaza. It's boutique kids named brands for a great price.

If you are down there at all, pop in and let us all know if you agree.