View Full Version : Business for sale New Business in Tenerife looking for potential investor or partner.

Tracey Jayne
17-05-2012, 13:37
We are the owners of a new SL registered company based in Tenerife.

We are looking for a person who either may currently have their own car repair workshop on the island and have a keen interest in both motor-sport and classic cars.
Who would like to consider a partnership proposal that could help them to expand their current business further.

Or a person with an interest in motor-sports and classic cars who would purely just be interested in bringing some advice to our business and make a short-term investment that could give them an interest for a couple of years at the same time as offering them a great return.

We would of course be interested to speaking to potential investors who may have no interest in what we are doing but as we are so very passionate about our business and its future success we would prefer someone who can share in that passion.

If there is anyone that has a genuine interest in discussing this matter further please contact us via PM.

Thank You.