View Full Version : Why do you have to get a background check when buying a new car in Tenerife?

19-06-2012, 18:33
like the tilte said last month my parents brought a new skoda 4x4 car. and put it in my name. just in case something happeds to my parents. now they have to ask permission to use the car lol. anywho, my dad got the money from his bank and paid skoda for the car. just waiting for the licence plate so we can give it to the insurece. the guy said it be ready in 7 days. no worrys. well we been waiting for a whole month now. finally got the licence plate but before they give it to my dad i have to tomorrow come down to santa cruz with my nie. number id and my passport so they can just copy it on the copy machince. my dad said i can fax it down (saving money going down) but the sales person said no i have to make sure henry (my) nie and my passport is legit. and pull a police record if i ever went to jail or any bad thing i did. gosh what else to they need my blood. so, a few days i wonīt have my passport or my nie. sure is weird, i donīt know how they do things in the u.k. but in america if you got the cash or the money and a driver lience and insureds the car is your in 3 days maybe 5 days around there. why here so much checking for?? anyone knows? before you know it they might want my brain and my organs as well.

19-06-2012, 18:46
Anybody who purchases a Skoda needs some serious checking out Henry....:laugh:

19-06-2012, 22:32
I just started laughing to myself.... hey Henry, at least when your mum gets in the car with you, she'll know you're driving back to Guaza .... :whistle::crylaughing::lol::rofl::rofl::rofl::gree ncar: (i put a green car, didn't they used to joke that a skoda is a skip with wheels?) LOL

19-06-2012, 23:41
Its always difficul to remember the 'skip on wheels".Skoda or the Lada?
Henry, having bought two new cars in the last 20 months i cannot undestand the need for you to supply blodd and urine samples just to prove you are the Forum,s Henry! get it sorted, quick.