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Handy Sevy
17-07-2012, 20:03
Hi everyone. I would like to anounce my new business in Tenerife. I have been fixing all kind of things for the past 20+ years, so if you need a handy man that can fix almost anything /that can or it's worth fixing/, try me. ;)
As with every starting business and because of the bad economical period we are passing through, my services will be more than affordable. As I said I can fix almost everything - cars, bikes, domestic electric and electronic appliances, laptops, office equipment, computers, car electric and electronics, etc. I have all nessesary tools and equipment to do the job in your own house or office. If something needs to be taken to my workshop for repair, it will be delivered back to your door, so you will not have to worry about anything. If you are not happy with my services for some reason you don't pay anything, no questions asked! Also depending on the type of repair you will receive some waranty.
I will gladly leave my phone for contacts, but as far as I know this is not allowed here, so PM me. :wink2:

17-07-2012, 21:40
sounds great good luck mate:wink2:

17-07-2012, 22:42
All the very best in your new venture. Great time to start imho.

Handy Sevy
18-07-2012, 09:17
Thank you for the nice words! I really needed some encouragement!

Handy Sevy
22-07-2012, 20:57
Thanks to this forum I already had my first customers. I would like to thank to the people that have created and keep running this virtual community. I will not forget all the help I got here and one day I will pay back.