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20-07-2012, 21:27
Canaibay is a free advertising site for the Canary Islands aimed at businesses to enable them to market their products, services or properties without the worry of have to pay even more money out to advertise.

This is not to say that newspaper, radio, the forum, your website and other methods of advertising should be ignored as they attract the same or different demographic.

There is the issue here of finding what you need in one place without driving from shop to shop or surfing from site to site. Especially for those that are visiting, buying a property and moving here. These people rely on the internet to find what they need, where everything is and what businesses are here.

"I already have a website"

So do most businesses. However, most traffic is directed to your site through search engines like Google. The problem with google is that it needs to know that your are there. This is called indexing. You can register your site with the googlebots that search for your site at http://www.google.com/addurl.html.

You can read more about this at http://ppcblog.com/how-google-works/

"So what benefit will canaribay be to my site?"

One of the things that google looks for is links to your site from other sites and how many sites are connected to that same site.

Register with canaribay and during registration it will ask for your web address. Advertise your service or business in the services section. Have a look at your ad. In your ad there is a link to your site. Now place 10 listings advertising different products thats you do or sell. Each ad has text that is using some of the same words on your website and on the same ad is your website link. You now have 11 weblinks to your site from an outside source.

Get your web designer to add a link saying "Find us on canaribay.com" aimed at www.canaribay.com. This is known as backlinking and the search engines like this...alot.

At the bottom of each page on canaribay you will see a sponsored link to The Folding Sliding Door Company. Now search on Google for folding sliding doors. Yes, ignore the sponsored ads and you will see Folding Sliding Doors is number 1.

Folding Sliding Doors has a backlink in an image to canaribay.

So the main road map for google is: FSD > Cbay > Your Site or Cbay > Your site.

Why not try canaribay arona or canaribay adeje or canaribay tenerife. Now try sony camcorder adeje. **ATOP

I know alot of web buffs will contradict some of this, but we have been doing it this way for 11 years. The proof is in the pudding....

"Are there any costs?"

All advertising is free for personal and business. Auctions are free. There are no commissions taken. There are no surprises at the checkout. Stores are free.

All Listings that are 30 days or less are free in all of Canaribay's categories with the exception of the service directory which is free for businesses to advertise for 365 days.

You will recieve an email when your ad has expired. Just renew it, for free.

The only costs involved are the optional extras like bolding, better placement and featured adds. There are also charges for placing an ad for longer than 30 days.

For those that are placing lots of ads that need to be longer than 30 days, there is a subscription option that allows you to place as many ads as you want for as long as 365days.

All businesses that have a storefront will recieve a 100% discount code every month so that they can add the extras to there adds....free of charge.

"If the site is free, why do you charge for extras?"

If everything on the site was free, every ad would be bolded, featured and better placed.

There would be a lot of ads that are running for longer that 30 days and the site would be full of spam.....spammers don't pay to spam

Create a store

Canaribay has been designed for high street stores and entrepreneurs to be able to set up a free online store in a one stop shop. Setting up a store has been made really easy, so that the average Joe without website experience can get their online store up and running in less than an hour. Add your logo, a welcome note, some product categories, some text to the home page and even add some more webpages.

Click "Place an ad", give it a title, description, a photo or 5 and assign it to a category in your store.

"Can individuals advertise?"

Yes of course, don't sit on it, sell it. Get all those unwanteds sold.

More help

For more help on how to set up a store or how to place an ad and how the auction system works. Click here http://www.canaribay.com/index.php?a=28&b=141

You questions and comments are very welcome.

21-07-2012, 14:55
The discount code is open to everyone to give the site volume until 31st August 2012.
If you are interested in advertising and upgrading your free ads for free, PM me for the code.

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”
Mahatma Gandhi

26-07-2012, 22:46
Today we recruited two reps to promote the site to the Spanish businesses and advise new starters on how to advertise for free and help them setup their free online stores ......one newspaper in Gran Canaria has offered to have their sales reps promote canaribay.com ..... the more that join and advertise the better it will be for all the islands

So far this week we have been contacted by three newspapers, 2 radio stations and 1 tv station that want to help to promote the site and get the commerce moving on the islands....its all looking good

28-07-2012, 18:13
Have you got a business idea but have no money to advertise?

Do you have a good product but no way to market it?

Is there an event coming up and you need to tell people?

www.canaribay.com .... Register and advertise for FREE.....

No.1 Business comment "When I get time I'll do that because it will be good for my business", The problem is you never do it and thats not good for your business....Make time and do it now