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13-10-2012, 11:14
Hi all.

This is just a quick bit of info to let everyone know that we are reorganising the Tenerife sections of the forum.

As we have no been online on the 'new' installation for over a year, there's pages and pages of threads in the 'Living in and moving to Tenerife' and the 'Tenerife General Chat' sections of the forum, enough for them to warrant their own sections, rather than prefixes.

Therefore we are busy moving all the prefixed threads to their own sub-forums that are relevant to their subject matter.

PLEASE can I urge everyone to try and post in these new sections, as the 'Living in and moving to Tenerife' section will be deleted as soon as the reorganisation has been finished, so it would help if no more threads were started there. We could close off the section, but it would mean that no one would be able to reply to posts.

Basically, people are using the 'Living in and moving to Tenerife' and the 'Tenerife General Chat' sections synonymously anyway, so it really seems silly to have two sections confusing everyone. All the sub-forums will be by subject, the same subjects as were previously on the prefixes.

Thanks for your attention and I hope it's not too confusing while the work's going on, as it's a big job!

The Tenerife Forum Team

13-10-2012, 16:49
Seems to be a good improvement. A lot easier to find things topically now than looking through the many posts from before.
Nice one. Keep up the good work... much appreciated.