View Full Version : Anyone know of a place to donate clothes?

25-02-2013, 19:28
Recently moved and have loads of old clothes... Feel really bad just throwing them out but dont know where i can donate them to... Any ideas?:tongue:

25-02-2013, 19:36
I have seen just outside my house in El Galeon Adeje a clothes bank think it was yellow...... maybe there are others in your area.
Or not forgetting the charity shops.

25-02-2013, 20:28
The Animal welfare shop in San Eugino just behind Properties Are Us the ladies there do Sterling work

25-02-2013, 20:29
When clearing out my parents apartment a few years ago I donated all the clothing and various bits of bric a brac to the local Anglican church in Puerto de la Cruz. The church holds jumble sales on a regular basis and all proceeds go to the poor. The vicar also explained that much of the clothing goes direct to the poor in need. Donation to a good cause does give one the 'feel good' factor.

25-02-2013, 20:39
Also I take mine to Santa Rita Dos here in the North they also have a shop but do sort a lot for the residence some have no relatives to buy them anything so it is a worthwhile cause.

26-02-2013, 13:14
The Lions shops either in Silencio or Los Cris.If you contact them usually they are able to arrange collection I beleive.

26-02-2013, 13:23
If you don't get around to any of the above mentioned places. there are also the charity/used clothes and shoes recycle containers on the streets now.
They ask that you bundle clothing in plastic bags and pairs of old shoes also each pair in a separate bag.

These containers are a beige colour and are the largest of the recycle containers now on many streets on the island.

Photo of container (http://www.loquepasaentenerife.com/palabrasclave/contenedoresderopa) "ropa y calzado".

26-02-2013, 18:21
Thats exactly where i went thanks.. Is it a dogs charity??

27-02-2013, 01:17
Yes it is Amy. The takigs from that particular shop buys food and vet care for our dogs in the Fasnia refuge. We sent almost €2800 worth of food last month. All receipts are posted on our facebook page, Live Arico P.A.W.S. tenerife. Thanks for thinking of us. :)