View Full Version : Lost Olympus camera

Paul Mussett
02-02-2017, 20:26
Whilst visiting Tenerife at the end of last November I managed to lose my camera. I think I dropped it beside the road in central Tenerife when we stopped to photograph Mount Teide. The camera was in a grey cloth case. I have tried Camerafound.com but no success. Any help as to how to retrieve it would be greatly appreciated although this is now rather a forlorn hope.

Amy Anderson
11-07-2017, 06:29
Feeling very bad for you but next time be careful

21-08-2017, 00:44
Only thing I can suggest is int he future take a photograph of a Business Card or something that has your contact details on it - so if anyone honest finds your camera / memory card they can see from the photos who owns it and how to contact yourself.