View Full Version : Not been for a while

23-05-2020, 15:26
Wow whats happened to this site?

29-06-2020, 10:03
Hi Ed

Everybody seems to have left the building mate - the only regular poster now is Canarian Weekly and I’m guessing that they are being done automatically by their computer System.

Most of the old regulars have emigrated to other Tenerife forums.

I still pop in now and again just for a look but only post now on Tenerife Forum of Fun and ChalkChat.

15-07-2020, 10:11
I have been on and off this site for a while and it appears to be getting less and less frequent visitors maybe time the admins promoted the site better?

20-12-2020, 18:34
Also just visited after two years of selling and downsizing and doing full renovations
So sad to see the site has lost its way
Found the Janet ******** site which is great for information and updates especially the Covid situation although unfortunately a few contributors who I guess are residents do not seem in favour of tourists!