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  1. Other Re: Who remembers Betty and Ged, the couple robbed a few years back?

    We are meeting up with Betty & Ged on Saturday for a meal, and have kept in touch with them since their unfortunate introduction to Tenerife. A very nice couple. :)
  2. Employment Re: Does anyone have knowledge of the minimum wage rates in Tenerife?

    Sorry can't help you there, we have minimum rates that we have to pay the dependientas in my shop, and different rates for the differently qualified teachers/teaching assistants in our school. I am...
  3. Other Re: Touristic licence

    I can't say I know anything about this subject, but it seems crazy to me that you should have to make internal alterations to your property, at your expense and give keys to an agent if you never...
  4. Employment Re: Does anyone have knowledge of the minimum wage rates in Tenerife?

    Assuming he has a contract, officially each industry has statutory rates negotiated by the unions. Rates are dependent on age and qualifications. However, often employers have a take it or leave it...
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    Internet Re: wifi canarias

    I have been with Wifi Canarias since last November. We currently have 3 installations from them 2 x 6mb for the school and the shop and 1 x 4mb at the apartment.

    Generally there is very little...
  6. Utilities Re: Do you trust Spanish utility bills with direct debit?

    You have obviously had a bad experience, the amount involved is obviously a mistake on their part and I of course sympathise, but one of the first things I was advised to do when we decided to live...
  7. Other Re: Lookout for this guy begging for money in Callao Salvaje

    The person related to this car was previously reported on here and FB many times, for calling at houses/apartments all across the S & SW of Tenerife and asking for €20 for petrol as he had...
  8. Business Chat Re: Diario de Avisos article in today's paper about AI hotels

    You are correct of course, but the Goverment's aim is that all new hotels should be 5* or better and only offer AI. This has to have a knock on effect further down the line.
  9. Business Chat Re: Diario de Avisos article in today's paper about AI hotels

    A common sense view expressed at last, but as the organisation does not have the political clout of Ashotel it will probably be ignored. The economy needs people to spend their money in the local...
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    Relocation Re: Reasons for living in Tenerife

    Every place has it's yobboes :)
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    Relocation Re: Reasons for living in Tenerife

    I have lived now for 9 years in Callao Salvaje. I have gone back to the UK a dozen times in that period, visiting family members and friends. I come from South London originally, but most of my...
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    Re: Met a bloke in a pub and he said

    ..... Rolex watch for only €10, buy 2 get one free :)
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    Re: Met a bloke in a pub and he said

    ..... I've got the perfect little bar for sale :devil:
  14. Relocation Re: Reasons why people leave Tenerife within a year?

    We have been out here 9 years now, and we still really enjoy being here, although the bureaucracy of running or trying to expand a business drives us mad at times.

    We have seen many people come...
  15. Mobile Phones Re: Wheres do I get a sim card for the internet?

    I can supply Mas Movil sims from my shop in Callao Salvaje. You have a choice of contract with bank payment or by credit card (minimum of 1 month) or prepay. There are a number of tariffs...
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    Re: World Cup - Brazil 2014 thread

    I know there are many other factors, i.e. only 1/3 British players and too many foreign players playing in the Premiership, which is surely partly to blame. But in the same week as England are...
  17. Internet Re: What are the default settings for a Direct Telecom Fritzbox?

    Router IP address is and DHCP address range is - You can always find the IP address that is issued to a computer and the default gateway (router) IP...
  18. Relocation Re: Help! i need urgent info on how you move to tenerife from Ireland.

    Hi and welcome to the forum. :) Only my opinion, and I am not normally negative, but as you don't express any great desire to actually want to be in Tenerife, and you are being forced to come here...
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    Wanted Re: Wanted - Long Term Rental in Callao Salvaje

    Try Venli estate agents here, Mike at Tenerife Business Services no longer does long term lets. I asked him last week for a parent of a child that comes to our school. Also Eddy who is in the...
  20. Re: Problem with my laptop

    The Beep codes will indicate the problem, but most likely if the fault is with an integrated component on the motherboard, then the only correct solution is replacement of the motherboard.
    I could...
  21. Re: Do you connect VPN to the Win 8.1?

    Try deleting and recreating the VPN connection. It is very common for upgrades to cause problems, that is why it is always better to do a clean installation.
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    Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum football banter thread

    Mixed feelings tonight. Glad to see Crystal Palace making life hard for Liverpool today, 3-3 who would have guessed it :). Have never forgotten the 9 goal whopping they gave us, so it's some...
  23. Advice wanted Re: Where is the best place to look for business premises?

    Where you establish yourself really depends on the type of business you intend to run. There are many locales available and some very cheap, depending on location, but are you looking for an office...
  24. Advice wanted Re: When should I change from being autonomo to forming an SL company?

    Unable to PM so so sent you an email. :)
  25. Advice wanted Re: What are the average costs of running a shop in Tenerife?

    When we opened Callao Learning Centre in November 2011, the project cost us about €1800, plus an additional €250 for the inspection for the boletin. The Opening Licence on the 104sqm local was €700.
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