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  1. Employment Dodgy Companys ( First Pension Group Ltd )

    Just some advice. I worked for this companyfor 6 days a week for two weeks and they refused to pay me. So be warned if a man called Graeme Stanford contacts you about work then think carfully about...
  2. Advice wanted Re: Wanted - Builder, property maintenance person

    Indeed..Im foot loose and fancy free atm so if you need me then gimi a call.
  3. Employment Looking for work and accoadation in santa cruz or la laguna

    If anyone one has advice or offers then please let me know. I can do many things and im practical but lacking spanish skills atm. :flatcap:
  4. Advice wanted Re: Wanted - Builder, property maintenance person

    I can help with most of these jobs at a reasonable rate. Im am limmited by loacation and transport tho. I can fit but would need help supplying. I think you can get these items delivered. If you can...
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    Cars & Transport Camper van Hire

    Looking to hire a camper van for a few months at a reasonable rate. Nothing to flashy. Im good at driving vans and have a clean license. Any idears would be welcome. :idea:
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    Other Re: Any other English speakers in Santa Cruz?

    Hola, Im Nick and im in lower laguana. Think me and my french ladie who speaks english are coming into Santa Cruz today or tomorrow. We are looking to meet people find work and accomadation. If your...
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    Hello Everyone I'm practical Nick

    Just a quick intro for myself male 36 from the UK. I've just moved to tenerief and I'm looking to settle here on this fantastic island. I'm currantly helping out in a hostel in ortova near puerto de...
  8. Home and Garden Re: Asssistance with Cleaning / Gardening / Maintance

    Thanks I will do so now. ☺
  9. Home and Garden Asssistance with Cleaning / Gardening / Maintance

    If you are based near puerto de la cruz and need help with Cleaning, Decorating, Gardening and maintance then feel free to PM me. Regards Nick Craven
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