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  1. Paperwork paperwork to change from non resident property owner to resident autonimo etc

    just a question due to my age limit approaching for diving offshore , i intend to become a resident in apox 1 year and autonimo self employed , can anyone tell me the process paperwork and the...
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    Employment Re: reception massage work

    try contacting the hotel spas , i know a german therapist i see has just got a new job at the spa in the riu palace hotel la caleta , there is also the sheraton hotel ,best visit the spa s and...
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    Health Private health insurance

    Which health insurance companies in Tenerife can be recommended , IV e been told adeslas is good any ideas or recommendations experiences people have had
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    Other Renault twizy car owners tenerife

    Just wondered if there are any other electric car owners on here , the twizy which I own is excellent for parking and running round the streets , IV e seen 2 other twizy s a red one and a black one...
  5. Paperwork Re: Cristal clear solutions tenerife - silvia garcia

    Tel no s for silvia +34-618181949 or +34-659606775
  6. Paperwork Re: Cristal clear solutions tenerife - silvia garcia

    Thanks for that info , im lucky she was supposed to do this mortgage clause claim but 3 months iv e heard nothing etc no e mails , so anyway iv e went a new lawyer to do this clausulo suelo claim...
  7. Paperwork Cristal clear solutions tenerife - silvia garcia

    Anyone who deala with this lot any paperwork etc or legal cases be prepared for the following ie bad service they never reply to your e mails they never send forms or documents , they lie and never...
  8. Re: Irish bars or Pubs

    And new Irish bar opens tomorow opposite the Columbus hotel called paddy o Kelly a guy I know from the gym has done the refurbishment used to be Michael angels restaurant
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    Other compestella golf 2 apartments

    i remember the article about this complex being illegal with no electricity etc , is this still the case as i drove down from the roundabout opposite siam mall and the whole place looked abandoned...
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    Property Mooring berth for sale puerto colon

    In the tenerife property paper seen a mooring for sale in Puerto colon on a lease basis says 17 years remaining do any estate agent on here know the score with this ,is it safe to buy obviously would...
  11. Etihad airlines abu dhabi recruiting new cabin crew

    For younger people mostly young woman aged 20 to 26 thinking of applying to eti had s recent advert looking to hire new recruits be aware that if you have any tattoos even concealed ones you won t...
  12. Re: Pollution fears after Russian ship sinks

    I heard that in the prestige case smit wanted to tow the vessel in to a Spanish port as the weather forecast was very severe but the Spanish coastguard did nt w ant the vessel to be moved closer to...
  13. Re: Pollution fears after Russian ship sinks

    The spanish coastguard never learn from their mistakes , in the Galicia oil spill disaster they chose to ignore Smit salvage companies advice on how to handle that vessel but they chose there way...
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    FOR SALE in Tenerife furniture for sale

    Big wooden bbq table for sale plus 4 solid chairs for €90-00 and overhead I Kea double bed with ladder like new for €180-00 ,,can put desk underneath tel no 603372831
  15. Re: Advice needed from offshore workers living in tenerife

    hi there are very good flight connection s the best so far if you are in the danish sector would be air berlin from tenerife south , they go to all the german cities ,the company i work for fly me on...
  16. Utilities Re: drinking tap water in adeje

    Hi yes seems okay 5 days now iv e got my own water meter comes straight from the mains , looks clear and clean
  17. Utilities Is it ok to drink tap water in Adeje now?

    Hi guys since i been back iv e been drinking the water straight out the tap the last 3 days since i got back after i saw an article in the paper that the tap water in adeje is now drinkable ,so far...
  18. Paperwork What paperwork is needed when signing up for paro in Tenerife?

    A friend asked me what paperwork does he need to take with him to apply for paro at office in los cristianos
  19. Shopping Where can I buy a climbing ascender in Tenerife?

    hi im looking to buy a new petzl ascender used for mountain climbing or clogger as us divers call it , as my current one is on its last legs , anyone know where to get one here in tenerife
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    Other Re: Rig off the coast in Los Cristianos

    Probably the rig thats being towed from las palmas for a job in west africa I saw an add on subserv pro agency looking for rov personell to join the rig in las palmas
  21. Employment Re: Oil rig work in Santa Cruz. Is there anyone out there who is working on the oil r

    hi mate yes ,you will need to do a bosiet survival course in uk , like the rgit centre in aberdeen or the fleetwood centre in liverpool ,there are 2 types of bosiet the normal helicoper escape...
  22. Re: I have done the energy certificate for my property. Does it need to be registered

    hi andy how you doing im out of time as next monday im flying back to work so i ll contact you on the above site plus or minus 25 october and book for november
  23. Other Re: Is there much mugging in Las Americas and Adeje?

    about 13 years ago myself and another diver ( ex uk marine ) on our 31u inspection course in middlesbrough we were in a pub ,2 guys got abusive ,we helped the bar manageress throw them out ,i think...
  24. Re: I have done the energy certificate for my property. Does it need to be registered

    can my gestoria arrange this certificate
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    Re: What do forum members do for a living?

    well been an offshore diver for 25 years in the persian gulf / nigeria / georgia and egypt ,had a great time also lost one or 2 friends to diving accidents ,but safety now much improved , got 2...
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