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    Other Re: Fun at the Airport

    Oh dear ��
  2. Re: Airband radio frequencies for Canaries Control, Tenerife Sur / Norte and ATIS

    Vortex Wake is cleared for departure runway 08
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    Re: Teide National Park night shots

    Oh yes it is !
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    Re: im looking for a job

    Would you be able to elaborate on the statement ' I have experience in different things' ?

    Thank you.
  5. Re: In Gran Canaria +4C?

    I don't monitor Gran Canaria, but do monitor the temperatures of both north and south airports in Tenerife via the official sources at the airports and noted Tenerife south was at just 11C in the...
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    Re: RIP Mike in Chayofa

    Very sad news.

    Rip Mike
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    Re: Camera to Tablet (OTG connector)

    And remember , the otg cable can also allow other USB devices to be connected to your android tablet or smartphone I.e. USB keyboard or mouse , digital TV tuner and so on.
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    Charity Chat Re: The black sick cat didn't/doesn't get any help :(

    Count me in for 25 euros :-)
  9. Re: Ineptitude shown by some Radio stations here on Tenerife

    Coast FM was really Asda FM with station idents dropped in at appropriate times all along ???

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    Photography Re: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon in Tenerife

    Great pictures and nice steady , dash cam shots ;-)
  11. Re: Ineptitude shown by some Radio stations here on Tenerife

    So no one at Oasis FM ever listen to their own station to know that the puter has thrown a wobbly.
    It happens to UK stations too when the same news or program gets repeated and the have to wait for...
  12. Internet Re: 0.4 mb, disgusting speeds in 2014 from Movistar. ##***!! do something about it!

    Assuming your internet really is that slow and not a router / local phone cable issue etc, you could investigate Vodafones 3g router .

    The router is similar to your adsl router - except it takes...
  13. Re: Where can I buy a bono at Tenerife south airport?

    PS, Don't you love it when you realise that the video resolution is set to 'poor' quality!:ashamed:
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    Internet Re: Sim card advice please

    Derek could be right about tethering.

    Try sending a txt message to the dongle - then read it via the dongle landing page on the tablet. This would at least confirm the sim is activated and the...
  15. Re: New Mobile - but which one ?

    Forget your 'free' phone upgrade , 30 (or so) over 18 or 24 months adds up to a lot of money.

    It's generally cheaper to buy a separate sim on a sub 10 internet/calls/text tariff , and then buy...
  16. Other Re: What's the year-round weather like in Taganana?

    A bit wet in January !
  17. Other Re: Gym Membership

    I can't help with a gym in Fanabe , but up in Adeje town you will find a very good gym - see
  18. Re: Just returned from our first trip to Tenerife.

    April has the added bonus of the clock change - so more evening daylight. I was out in January and the weather was good as in getting a tan and swimming in the sea etc. Just back again after 2 weeks...
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    XXIV Rallye Villa Adeje Tenerife Sur

    XXIV Rallye Villa Adeje Tenerife Sur

    `Adeje Rally On A South Tenerife Tour

    Spring signals the start of the motor racing rally season in Tenerife. It’s a time trial of short bursts mainly uphill...
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    Re: Will a UK bought MIFI work in Tenerife?

    I use a UK purchased unlocked Mifi in Tenerife to allow me to connect my iPod Touch to the internet when on the beach.
    My Huawei Mifi unit has an external antenna socket that can typical allow a...
  21. Re: Remote control

    You can view the infrared emitter output at the top of the remote control by facing it at a digital camera (such as on a camera phone) , this will allow you to see the white blips on the camera...
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    Re: Teide National Park night shots

    Thats not the real DJD !
  23. Re: Don't keep your smartphone near your credit card as the magnets may stop it worki

    That is simply because most people do not know why their card didn't work - so they are not going to report back that a magnet/phone corrupted their card.

    Some supermarket check outs have a sign...
  24. Re: WARNING! Don't keep your smartphone and credit card together

    It's normally the (small) speaker on the phone that has the magnet that can corrupt the magnetic strip - the chip (n pin) is not affected .

    Bono bus cards and Costly Coffee cards are my favourites...
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    Shopping Re: Are cheap cameras fakes in Tenerife?

    You buy a Canon XYZ camera only to get back to your apartment to find it has been substituted with different camera .

    Or, you with to buy Canon XYZ camera only to be 'forced' to purchase the...
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