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  1. Re: Where can I hire an air-conditioning unit in south Tenerife?

    I want to install aircon in my 1 bed apartment in Los Cristianos. Could anyone recommend a reputable installer. I want a energy efficient system which doesn't cost the earth to run or install....
  2. Thread: Caixa bank

    by dragonlady

    Caixa bank

    I have had a bank account with Caixia for a couple of years ( it was transfered from Barclays), I now notice there are charges on my account
    every month under card annual quota - usually between 28...
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    Bars Re: The Swan bar

    This is an excellent bar, so welcoming - the entertainment is good, prices very reasonable. The clientele might be more mature but that is a plus as they are
    very sociable, it strikes the right...
  4. Apartments Re: el mirador

    totally agree that the area is looking tatty, such a shame when it could be an "up market" area of los cristianos. The signs outside the bars ( the one mentioned) are lewd, crude and very...
  5. Thread: La Cava

    by dragonlady

    Restaurants La Cava

    Has La Cava Restaurant permanently closed? We were out in October and December and the restaurant had not reopened after their summer break.
    La Cava has been one of our favourite restaurants for...
  6. Where can I get some furniture professionally restored in Tenerife?

    I have a newish piece of furniture ( about 9 months old), it is a dark wood sideboard and unfortunately it has been damaged. The top and front has some scratches/chips/ stains which I cannot remove...
  7. Totally agree with poshbird. We love the El...

    Totally agree with poshbird.

    We love the El Mirador area so please don't let the standards drop.
    ALL the posts have been saying the same thing essentially. Some of the businesses will spoil it...
  8. What has happened to the El Mirador strip in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?

    What has happened to the so called up market El Mirador strip.
    There are some lovely new restaurants, and the original ones seem to be busy as well. but it is impossible to walk along the...
  9. What I want is contact details for a professional...

    What I want is contact details for a professional tile cleaning service in or around Los Cristianos

    I have tried the elbow grease!!!!
  10. Can anyone recommend a tile polisher and cleaner in south Tenerife?


    I need a reputable tile cleaner and polisher to renovate a terrazzo tiled floor in my apartment in Los Cristianos. Any recommendations please
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