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    Other Re: Laptop with english keyboard

    Hi It's my husband TenerifeTeddy who does the computer sales and repairs at Witzend in Callao Salvaje. He has sent languagefan a PM. Thanks :)
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    Paperwork Re: Conflicting info re social security payments

    There is currently a reduction to €50 per month for new Autonomos under 30 years old, who have not been autonomo for at least 5 years. This is to try and encourage the young to start up theires own...
  3. Education Re: Relocating to Tenerife and advice needed about schools

    Hiya - yes Britannia school closed some time ago. There is a British school in the North and Wingate in the south

    There are...
  4. Thread: ABA in Tenerife

    by MrsTT

    Re: ABA in Tenerife

    Home schooling is considered illegal by the Spanish authorities. Children of school age are required to attend a recognised school which is why we are working so hard to gain the ID number for Callao...
  5. Re: Is there a need for fully qualified Ofsted childminders in South Tenerife?

    She could contact Tenerife Childcare Services or for more...
  6. Sticky: Re: Information on getting your children into Spanish state schooling in Tenerife
  7. Employment Re: SEN Education

    If you do not have Spanish qualifications you are unlikely to find a job in the Spanish system since they reorganised a couple of years ago.
  8. Re: New on here, hello to everyone :)
  9. Sticky: Re: Holiday Fun & Homework Links - Online links to support Tenerife Parents

    Just in case you have a need with your children at home today!
  10. Re: What school should I put my children in when relocating to Tenerife?

    Zoe - We currently have spaces at Callao Learning Centre and have several children working with us whilst they wait for a space at Wingate. More information on our webpage - see the link in my...
  11. Happy Birthday Dashford from the Tenerife Forum

    Happy Birthday to 1 member on 15-10-2013:

    -Dashford (born in 1981, is 32 years old)

    Have a great day! :) :bestwishes:
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    Re: Sorry guys.... I was wrong.

    Good news YG. You don't see me on the forum cos our machine is logged onto TT's login and since the background changes recently I can't easily switch to my account. So if I get a chance to browse, I...
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    Re: Happy Birthday MrsTT from the Tenerife Forum

    Thank you all for your kind wishes. Pictures of the fun we had at school in the webpage via the facebook link! or the Centre page on Facebook!
    Had a great day xx:jumping:
  14. Education Re: What are the school hours in Wingate school and Callao Learning Center?

    You can find details about our school by clicking the link on my signature. Some children can stay on at the Centre after school finishes until 6 pm on Tues, Wednesday & Thursday but at present there...
  15. Re: Tips for parents to help children read & write English in Tenerife

    Thanks TT x
  16. Happy Birthday COL NIL SATIS from the Tenerife Forum

    Happy Birthday to 1 member on 09-08-2013:

    -COL NIL SATIS (born in 1970, is 43 years old)

    Have a great day! :) :bestwishes:
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    Wanted Re: Apartment wanted to buy in Callao Salvaje

    We know both the agencies that Delderek recommends and many people, including ourselves have benefited from their services.
    We have lived in the village for nearly 8 years and bought out property...
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    Wanted Re: Apartment wanted to buy in Callao Salvaje

    There is an apartment for sale on Callao Beach - you can see the notice from the top gate - in block 2. All the apartments have garage spaces inside the complex which is a gated community with a...
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    Re: British Schools in Tenerife Contact Details

    Posting this page again to help people with finding the British schools in Tenerife.
  20. Re: Spelling on the internet for adults and children!

    Another useful link for people learning English skills.
  21. Sticky: Re: Holiday Fun & Homework Links - Online links to support Tenerife Parents

    Just rebumpěng this post for the new batch of parents ready for the summer holidays.
  22. Happy Birthday Leam_Lin, Medman from the Tenerife Forum

    Happy Birthday to 2 members on 01-07-2013:

    -Leam_Lin (is is 21 again ;) years old)
    -Medman (is is 21 again ;) years old)

    Have a great day! :) :bestwishes:
  23. Education Re: Schools in tenerife

    If you read through the posts in this thread you will find the answers to your questions. It depends on where you live, your child, how he reacts to new situations etc - I don't think anyone can...
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    Happy Birthday stuarts from the Tenerife Forum

    Happy Birthday to 1 member on 20-06-2013:

    -stuarts (born in 1969, is 44 years old)

    Have a great day! :) :bestwishes:
  25. Home and Garden Re: Where can I buy floating shelves for DVD etc that also hide wires???

    Afortunados in Las Chafiras. x
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