Pets@Home launched their services in July 2010.
We are a Pet boarding service with a unique twist, we look after your Cat or your Dog, in a
home enviroment.
This enables all Pets to have home comforts, TLC, and someone is here 24/7, we never leave your Pet unsupervised.
Your pet gets everything you would give them, freedom of the home, lots of love, strokes, cuddles, walks, and we also feed them all seperate, enabling your pet to have his/her food in
peace, and to keep to their diet.
We have over 150 Regualar Clients, now, many Forum Members and FB Members.
80% of our business is referal business, from our many clients.
Also we charge at a very competitive rate, to enable people to go away for longer.
We ask that all the Passports are up to date, Rabies, Annuals and are Microchipped.
We like them also to have had a flea / tick treatment prior to their stay.
We offer discounts to owners with Multiple Pets and Long Term stays.

Last year we launched a further service to enable owners to take their pets back
at an affordable rate.
This service, PetEX, has proven to be very popular, with just one months board money up front, enabling owners to go home and save their money. This year we have sent 67 Dogs / Cats back to the UK successfully, and we work with the owners, so they can acheive this. We also provide a very affordable pre flight boarding service, just for Pets going back, so they can take their pets back, no matter if its one month or eight months. We keep in touch by email sending them pictures of their loved ones and updates.
We also now Import pets from the UK to Tenerife, on the same service.

This year we have added another service called "Pets to Vets".Working in conjunction with "Cats Welfare" we offer greatly reduced Vet prices
with our own Vet, helping owners with, Passports, Neurtering, and all other Procedures, again this
has proven unique and very popular, offering a Door to Door Service for your pet.
We also offer a free consultation in case you may want a second opinion, the Vets are one of the best on this Island.

So if any of our services are of interest to you, and you require more information, please P/M me and will write back to you within 24 / 48 hours. Please provide an email address, as sometimes its not always possible to send a p/m back on The Forum.

Best Wishes
PETS@HOME / PetEX / Pets to Vets.