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Thread: FREE Tenerife Hiking Guides (UK)

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    FREE Tenerife Hiking Guides (UK)

    [These books now have now been taken, so they are no longer available.]

    I have just updated my copies of two Tenerife Hiking Guidebooks to new editions, and am offering my previous-edition copies to anyone who can use them. I'm happy to post them to a UK address for free.

    1) Tenerife car tours and walks, by Noel Rochford, Sunflower Landscapes series. Seventh edition, 2007. This is the better guidebook for serious walkers who are starting out hiking in Tenerife.

    2) Rother Walking Guide to Tenerife, by Klaus and Annette Rolfsperger. 2010 edition. This book has more walks, and lots of ambitious ones, but more briefly described and with not such detailed maps.
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