Due to family reasons we give away our 2 ½ year old healthy and fertile American Staffordshire. She's well socialised towards people and children. She's very athletic, enjoys running and swimming; tennis ball throw and catch is her favourite. We seek a stable and responsible person in order to transfer microchip, vaccination record, and insurance so that the new owner is able to obtain the required license for a potentially dangerous dog breed. We do not wish for her to end up as a tied up guard dog at a farm yard or factory. Ideal for a passionate dog lover who may also be a strong sporting person, or for a family that will provide her with plenty of physical activity and affection.

Photos are available online at milanuncios, Ref:136626380, or search for "Regalo American Staffordshire". The reason we're posting here is that although we get plenty of interest through the 'locals', they dont seem to meet our criteria of "stable and responsible".

If you're genuinely interested please do pm.