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Thread: State Schools in Adeje and Arona

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    Lightbulb State Schools in Adeje and Arona


    I'll be direct: I need recommendation for good state schools in Adeje or Arona. I live in Costa Adeje and I want my kids to go to public schools.
    I'm Spanish (from mainland Spain) and I like this forum, so I ask for advise here. I have not found much info in Spanish so far.
    Please, do participate, I have seen many questions unanswered in this very forum and this one is quite easy to reply for those who live in Tenerife South.
    I just want to hear opinions, no answer is bad, all are useful.

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    Re: State Schools in Adeje and Arona


    I don't have much information for you but we are perfectly happy with the school our girls are attending. They are at CEIP Oscar Dominguez in Arona Pueblo. It's a friendly, little, local school, one class per year, with about 20 children per class. The children seem happy there, the director is very friendly and approachable, as are the teachers. The school is well equipped and there are frequent events, carnival, festivals, sports day etc. I don't know how it compares to other Spanish schools, but compared to France (where we lived before) the level of education is generally higher and more varied.
    They have gone out of their way to provide extra help for both my daughters to improve their Spanish, and for my elder daughter, who is autistic, to have adapted teaching.

    Hope this helps


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