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Thread: I lost my Shoes Please Help !!

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    I lost my Shoes Please Help !!

    Hi All
    I was in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos a few weeks ago. I bought three pair of Jet Set size 5 piel sandal shoes. I have come home and somewhere I have lost a pair,black in colour,looked everywhere,cant find them anywhere.They are like the M and S footglove. I can send photos of the navy one I have,so I can get an exact match in gold and black. Can someone ,anyone please tell me where I can buy these shoes. They are nowhere on the internet.We went to Tenerife ,knowing there is nowhere else to buy them.I bought them at a shop near the crazy golf in Los Cristianos and also in the tunnel near the café in the lower shopping mall in las Americas. It was near the end as you walk to the pool on the left, I think.They also have a shop next to the candle shop I think!!ANY help would be appreciated,
    If you are a shoe lover you will understand the need I have to rebuy these shoes
    thank you xx

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    Re: I lost my Shoes Please Help !!

    Are they the MK copy, er Replica?

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    Re: I lost my Shoes Please Help !!

    They are jet set around 35euros ,the make has been around for years ,does that help,thank you for your reply

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