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Thread: Furnishing a bar or restaurant

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    Question Furnishing a bar or restaurant

    Hi there

    I'd like to know...

    What are the regulations concerning furnishings? That is, are there restrictions on fabrics (fire retardant etc) for cushions etc, do you have to buy from suppliers for professionals or are you okay with IKEA (for example)? We'll be getting cushions made for us, so need to know what kind of fabric is necessary.

    What about your electrical equipment? We'll have a minimal food service, just a few snacks available, but they'll be homemade so there'll be some cooking, but we won't necessarily need a great big professional oven, are there regulations controlling this equipment too, or can we just use what works for us?

    Any input from those who already have businesses on the island would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Furnishing a bar or restaurant

    Bumped Thread

    Anyone who can advise?
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