Hi All
I am considering ( an old mans whim so please humour me !) buying a 2015 Mustang LHD car from the USA
I have calculated the cost of bringng it into the UK and keeping it for 6 months before shipping or driving to Tenerife
At this point I have choices
1. Getting it shipped to the UK ,have the small modifications to drive it in the UK and the required Test totals £1500 add to that £4000 for duty and vat and shipping costs we are at £7500
( still a great saving of buying the car in the UK !)
2.Having the car shipped direct to Tenerife and have one of the people suggested in the forum doing the paperwork since we will be here for 12 months renting while we decide whether to buy or rent for years. original light clusters can be refitted for Tenerife driving

Any help most welcome and remember its an old mans whim albeit a serious one