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Thread: Ladies netball for all ages and abilities in tenerife!

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    Lightbulb Ladies netball for all ages and abilities in tenerife!

    Hi there everyone, I'm new to this forum but thought it was the best way to get my message out. I have lived in South Tenerife for a few years now and love it here, but one of the biggest things missing is social sports club for LADIES!

    I'm in the first stages of setting this up and wanted to see if there were any fellow ladies that would be interested- my idea is the start a weekly gathering of players (I haven't played in years, just like other ladies who have also already expressed interest, so playing standard would not be an issue!) to organise games based on who comes; and then later (based on popularity) to see about making an official club with coaching, tournaments and different standard teams..

    I would love to have some thoughts and feedback, either on this thread or via private message.
    Please help support setting up a ladies social sports scene here in our new Tenerife home!

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    Re: Ladies netball for all ages and abilities in tenerife!

    Hi Francesca,

    My name is Jane and I am working with a marine conservation volunteer organisation called Frontier - and we always have a house full of active young ladies (in their early 20s generally). I think many of them would enjoy taking part in this. I am sure that we could organise groups regularly to come play with you if you are interested.


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