Hello Everyone!

My partner and I are moving to Tenerife towards the end of July for initially one year. I have been doing some research and came across this Forum so I wanted to reach out to you lovely people for advice regarding accommodation and work in south Tenerife (Los Cristianos). I would be so grateful if anyone could give some advice and hopefully point us in the right direction. My name is Skai and I’m 23, I currently work as a Talent Acquistion Consultant in Dublin, preciously worked in sales and in hospitality. My partner Dara is 28 years old working as a Sales Manager for a door to door company. We would like to rent an apartment one or two bedrooms and not picky for jobs at all, not looking for same office stress we have now - if you know what I mean! We’re both very outdoorsy and not afraid to do any type of work, ideally day hours. Happy to rent and work on short-term basis. Any advice will be truly appreciated. Thanks a million, Skai and Dara

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