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Thread: Banca March

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    Banca March

    Just recieved notification that BM are putting up the annual fee for my debit card to 50 euro per year
    I have been reading BBVA offer a free from charge account.

    The reviews i have read are not very complementary.

    Has anybody had experience of this bank

    Do they offer the same for non resident account

    I know they have a small number of branches, one in las Galletas. Is the service ok there.

    Other than BBVA atms what other bank atm's can be used without charge

    Any response would be appreciated

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    Re: Banca March

    I have an old " residents " account with Santander and use my Nationwide debit card for cash on occasions at ATM - Santander don't charge for cash & Nationwide only charge 2% for purchases .
    My Santander is only a deposit Acc. ,I don't have card for it & I only use it to pay bills by standing order charging me around €3 per month .
    I nearly always just deposit cash in my account rather than bank transfers having exchanged money locally . I also occasionally use a prepaid Caxton FX currency card that can be topped up on-line .
    I have never had any serious issues though I find they are busy and understaffed at San Eugenio .They have staff who speak English .

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    Re: Banca March

    I am a resident and originally opened an account with my local BBVA branch. It had specific requirements to avoid six monthly charges ( although they still charged me and I had to 'politely' request a full refund each time!). I saw the fee free online BBVA and opened it, closing the traditional account. It has all worked very well and I have not been charged anything at all. I think you need to have a green Tarjeta de Residencia though but I'm not certain about that.

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    Re: Banca March

    Just been to a banca march atm in TFS with my caxtonfx card and they now seem to be charging 1.80 euro commission fee. Anyone else noticed this with Banca March

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