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Thread: Owner on Residential Complex

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    Owner on Residential Complex

    I recently purchased a garage on a residential complex in Los Cristianos, after which I was told that by owning the garage I was now classed as a community member and could participate in any meetings and cast a vote at the community AGM.

    My question is given the situation outlined, does anyone know if I would be entitled to use the community swimming pool?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Owner on Residential Complex

    I don't think anyone on here could answer your question without knowing which complex you have purchased the garage on.
    Maybe simpler if you asked one of the members of the complex committee.

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    Re: Owner on Residential Complex

    Our Community doesn't allow any Garage or Locale owners access to pool as they do not contribute via community fees to the general maintenance of the complex .
    The community rules usually indicate this as well as Community Accounts - if you are classed as a Community Member then the Administrator can advise - you will have community fees to pay as well I presume ?

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    Re: Owner on Residential Complex

    I take your point concerning not paying community fees to cover community maintenance, but would it be possible to be voted in as a committee member if I only own a garage.

    I was told a while ago that you are part of the community by way of owning a property, be that an apartment or a is confusing.

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