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Thread: where have you been

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    Smile where have you been

    i have been trying for weeks i thought this forum was finished every time i tried to log on it came up no longer available

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    Re: where have you been

    It is almost impossible to use this forum - the owner should have sold when she had the chance !

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    Re: where have you been

    i clicked onto the email i got from your reply junglejim and got on to the forum that way i think its something to do with my security stopping me logging on

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    Re: where have you been


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    Re: where have you been

    managed to log on through the email that i got from the site will try another way later

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    Re: where have you been

    I too have returned today after many attempts to get on. As a lot of threads are old and not a lot of traffic to them it seems I am not alone. Is there another forum that members are now using?

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    Re: where have you been

    i have gone to trip advisor its not as good as this one once was but its better than nothing i tried a few others but did not think much of them only got your post through an email

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    Re: where have you been

    Thanks tub. Same here, got an email with your reply. Pity about this forum, used to be really busy.

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    Re: where have you been

    Hi, I was wondering, Sticky, where are you? It seems many of the links are broken. When clicking on the 'contact us' to inform what is happening, the link was also broken.. Could you fix this? Thank you!


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